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Natural beauty in 2018 is about harnessing your body’s capacity to revive and regenerate. As co-owner of Arizona Facial Plastics, Felicia Taghizadeh has a passion for creating customized treatments to ensure the most extraordinary results for each client.As a Certified Professional Coach, Felicia helps clients and her staff gain new insights so that they can be confident, engaging, and have the most positive impact on those they meet. After graduating in the top 10% from Cornell University Law School and obtaining a Master’s Degree in International Business Law from the Sorbonne, Felicia embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with her husband and opened their first plastic surgery office in New Mexico. It is Felicia’s aim at Arizona Facial Plastics to offer a full range of aesthetic treatments by highly qualified professionals, from facials to facelifts, so that each client achieves the most beautiful result.

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