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Or is it? Did I excite you? “Finally the thing that will take away my pain. My belly fat, brain fog, give me more energy!” Right?  

Wrong. Here’s why. More often than not these solutions seem to work for a while and then not so much, or other issues creep up and then it’s time to find another quick fix. How many bottles, jars, containers of shakes, elixirs, pills, oils, devices are lying around your home all promising to be THE THING to fix you? When you bought them, did the person selling them explain the physiology of how that miracle cure will work in your individual body to correct what is wrong? I’m sure not because the ailment, or symptom you are trying to fix, isn’t what is wrong. It’s just one of the many branches that back up to a physiological root cause which when not identified properly, or addressed specifically, will sprout off other branches and create other symptoms when you are not looking.

This happened to me and it is my mission to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else who is willing to do the digging. Today, I am suffering the effects of inflammatory conditions impacting my body structurally in a big way that trace all of the way back to my childhood! If I had someone like me to work with ten years ago, I could be avoiding a lot of pain and expense I am incurring now. This is what Functional Nutrition is about. It’s scientific. It’s about your bio individuality. It’s about following all of the many branches upstream to get to the root. When the root is identified and protocols are created to help you heal from the root first, the whole body begins to heal. If you are interested in learning more, request to follow me in my Best Beautiful Self FaceBook group, or email your questions at  imaginebycarleen@gmail.com. 




Carleen Murone
Imagine Wellness Spa

Carleen Murone is the Founder and Owner of Imagine Wellness Spa where they use a therapeutic approach along with progressive, non-aggressive, treatments and modalities, safe products and education-based, science-based, recommendations founded in holistic principles aimed at aligning mind, body and spirit. 


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