By Erin Daniels, The KNOW Women

At the beginning of each year, nearly half of us create new goals and resolutions to provide guidance and discipline for the following months. Though we may have the best intentions to eat healthier, work out more, and stay organized, it is very often we find ourselves slipping through the cracks as we try to attain this new mindset and lifestyle that we desire. Even with much larger scale business goals the same problems can occur as we deviate and get distracted.

Nonetheless, it isn’t impossible to set goals and successfully achieve them! We asked 25 KNOW women four questions about how they set their New Year resolutions, find inspiration, and effectively achieve their goals. Follow along on our four part mini-series to see weekly how different high-achieving women plan to dominate in the New Year. 


What have you found to be the most effective way to set goals and what hasn’t worked?

I set goals in 4 categories, Financial, Physical, Emotional/Spiritual, Fun. This allows me to have space for both the serious and the fun/personal aspects of my life. I try to make both BIG/broad and very specific goals in each category.

– Karissa Richardson, Online Social Media Presence.

I use a 1-3-5 method for creating goals. Step one, you set your goal. Step 2, you create 3 activities around completing your goal. Lastly, you describe 5 strategies to execute your activities. This trackable strategy helps to hold you accountable. For me, results driven goals work better than time specific goals.

– Ginger Lazovik, Falk Ruvin Gallagher Team, Keller Williams


Goal setting via Zig Ziglar – which I just learned and am doing for the first time ever (and I’m loving it!!) Write down all your goals and dream big! Go back to your list 48 hours later and answer WHY to everything you’ve written so you can determine the importance and if it’s a dream or an actual goal you’re ready to work on. Then dial it in and prioritize the top ones, breaking each one out into bite-sized pieces and creating action items so you can accomplish them.

– Michelle Pierce, Creative Edge Interiors 

Are you one to make resolutions at the beginning of the year or do you set mini goals for yourself throughout the year, and how do you hold yourself accountable?



I make resolutions AND mini goals. I’m a firm believer that little things make big things happen so I can’t achieve the big things without knowing how I’m going to get there.I set goals at the beginning of the year.

– Jennifer Lawrence, Jenerosity Partners

I have a list of what I want to achieve by the end of the year, but then I break those into mini-goals per month. From there, I have a daily checklist of what I need to accomplish each day to reach those monthly goals, and ultimately my annual goals (resolutions).

– Elyse Flynn Meyer, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Yes, I absolutely love the feeling of the new year and trying to be the best version of myself with creating little mini goals such as eating healthy, working out, reading 1 book a month and making sure to water the plants. I create little to do list where I can cross out if I did well this week.

– Alissa Silvers, Liss Design

Where do you find inspiration for what you want to be or accomplish this year and how often do you revisit or override that initial inspiration?

The inspiration comes from truly listening to what I’m innately drawn to, from an ego-less perspective. The more you focus on what feels good to you, the people, places, things, and events are naturally drawn to you- there really is no hard effort involved. You always know deep down what your soul wants, it’s just that as a society, it’s easy to get caught up in ego based choices of what we “think” is going to make us happy. Who I am is always evolving and so who I am becoming is an endless adventure.

– Jeanne Paulus, Coolsculpting Concierge

I often find inspiration by allowing myself quiet time to day dream about what’s possible. I also enjoy sharing my dreams with my spouse or close friends- talking about my goals and dreams breathes life into them. I check in with myself often and ask “is this still what I want?” If not, I will adjust, or even go back to the drawing board. It is important to revisit your goals and not continue to chase something that may no longer align with your life. It is okay for your goals and dreams to change.

– Liza Carden, Liza Carden Coaching 

I find inspiration in the girls we serve. There is something so special about seeing the light bulb moment in a young lady when they learn something new or accomplish a task never tackled before, it is simply amazing. I always keep myself connected to our girls, it is what keeps the spark alive.

– Dr. Sharon Jones, Dottie Rose Foundation

Do you believe in the New Year, New Me mantra or are you more of a If it’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix it person?


I think that we are all works in progress. No doubt some can claim “reinventing” themselves, but I don’t necessarily agree with that definition. My thoughts are more in-line with the idea of reinvesting in what you do well, refinement in process, and rededication to craft. That does not necessarily create a “new me” but the same me, only better and unbroken! And, I think that holds true for fellow women entrepreneurs. If we can think it, certainly we can do it.

– Gina VonEye, Gina VonEye Marketing Studio

I fall somewhere in-between. I am always and forever ME, evolving each day. I don’t always wait until the New Year to set new goals—I search for opportunities to improve, learn and grow continuously. It’s liberating and fun!

– Brooke Diaz, Camp Vitamin C

I don’t believe in starting over, but starting from experience. Resilience and wisdom accumulate over time and maturity. Every day is a new opportunity for a true part of me to reveal itself to me and the world.

– Shannon Keil, The Regent