TRUEKONNECT – Teresa Young

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Teresa is a Hair Extensions Specialist & a modern day woman. She is both a “Lady Boss” – a strong diverse steadfast woman who is on the cutting edge of business and entrepreneurship, and . . . “A Guardian of Tradition, Character and Support” that breeds life into a home and its family. When a woman creates a company or brand, her mindset elevates. And while it’s easy for a powerful mind to continue growing one’s own ventures, it should also be considered to help engage others endeavors. This is what her company is about – Defining today’s NEW modern-day connections is the heart of this website. Teresa believes business is not just about getting the job done—it’s about forging true connections with people you want to see over and over again. That’s why she’s building TrueKonnect, a matching algorithm that puts you in front of the right customers/hair stylists who will complement your style and leave you wondering why you never thought of this yourself.

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