Rebellia Clothing – Chrystal Rose

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Chrystal Rose is the Head Unicorn in Charge at Rebellia – An online boutique and brand for athletic women that has a strong national following. An entrepreneur at heart, her past businesses include a marketing company and a
self-empowerment magazine for women. Chrystal’s goal is to turn Rebellia into monster brand, spread her message of self-love and help women across the globe feel amazing. She works with various organizations in order to give back to her community, as well as a school that creates opportunities for women in Tanzania. Chrystal is also a passionate writer, world traveler, fitness enthusiast, nutrition coach, NASCAR wife and fur mama.

Chrystal joined the KNOW Tribe to create and strengthen bonds with other amazing women who believe in true empowerment. She has always desired to find and run alongside other women who are leaders like her and that are
dedicated to helping other women flourish.

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