Henderson Properties – Shelly Henderson


As co-founder of Henderson Properties along with her husband, Phil, Shelly Henderson manages the full-service real
estate company’s corporate culture and branding via content marketing and social media strategies. She also runs
the company’s leadership development courses for employees. Shelly is an author and speaker as well. Her book
and speaking platform center around Starting From Scratch. At the core of Shelly’s work and words are that
every day is a new day with new opportunities and it’s never too late to chase the dream God has put in your heart; aka Start from Scratch. Shelly also volunteers with JDRF’s Charlotte Chapter, an organization committed to funding Type 1 diabetes research in search of a cure, in honor of her son, Blake, who was diagnosed as a child. She supports Christian Library International, which collects and distributes Christian books and Bibles to prisons across America. In addition to these charities, Shelly is the Advisory Board Supervisor for Sigma Kappa’s Theta Delta chapter at the University of Delaware and is active with her former golf team at Appalachian State. Shelly is excited to join the KNOW Tribe and build community with other women doing life with intention and integrity.

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