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Mrs. Teresa O. Prescott founded Prescott Legal in 2017 with the goal to introduce a new approach to the practice of Law.

Prescott refused to be cut from the same mold that inhibits work-life balance and promotes adversity for women in the legal profession who desire to pursue the fruits of life while continuing their career. Instead, Prescott took an atypical approach to build a practice that would not only capture the essence of today’s modern family, but would also celebrate those who wish to commit their lives to service – which she calls a “Purpose- Driven System.”

Through this conviction, Prescott boldly implemented a wholly electronic practice that allows her family-driven staff the flexibility of tending to their loved ones without sacrificing productivity. By doing so, Prescott built a platform that reintroduces humanity and healing that has been long absent from the legal field.

Prescott practices law at Prescott Legal, specializing in high-conflict family law cases, while also serving as an adjunct at her alma matter, Stetson University College of Law.

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