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Cassie Greatens is passionate about bringing art to the Tampa Bay area. Through her extensive international travels and exposure to art and culture, she was inspired to create a meaningful art community back home.

Alongside her business partner and husband, Jake Greatens, Cassie opened CASS Contemporary, an art gallery focusing on modern, collectible pieces from around the world. In addition to hosting exhibitions throughout the year, the gallery provides art-consulting services to individual art collectors and businesses, alike. CASS is at
the forefront of the growing art community in Tampa and is credited with multiple largescale murals throughout the city. With new projects in the works and an enthusiastic community, CASS Contemporary has successfully put Tampa on the map as a major art destination.

Cassie is a busy mother of four children and an active community volunteer. She also holds a BA in International Studies and a MA in Education from the University of Tampa.

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