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Trained by multiple European based academies, microblading artist Michelle Wyper brings her unique hyper-realism method of brow tattooing to Tampa Bay. She wanted to lift the stigma of tattooed brows by offering a more delicate, conservative, realistic option and in early 2016 finally took the plunge working full time at Flirt Wax Bar in South Tampa. “My ultimate goal when I take a client is to create a healed result that doesn’t look like a tattoo, but looks like a better version of your natural brow.”

Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, Michelle came from a creative family and grew up with pastels in her hand. It was her intrinsic artistic capabilities that have helped her with brow shaping, stroking and giving clients fuller, more beautifully shaped semi-permanent brows. She is always updating her pigments and using the smallest blades in the
industry so her results can be the best for her clients.

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