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Home is where the Air Force takes her, and serving the community is just as important to her as serving her country. Meg specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography. She is wildly obsessed with all things wedding; the details, the joy, the hustle and bustle of a timeline, etc. She also swoons over adventurous elopements and unique stories. It is her desire to photograph the real moments. An equal obsession of hers is to document connection. Motherhood sessions are her favorite, because moms don’t get in front of the camera as often as they deserve.

Meg’s biggest goal in life is to be a great Mama, and her biggest goal in her business is to connect with others,
and to make them feel just as beautiful as they truly are. Meg has the ability to make you feel like family, so don’t
be surprised if you spend your entire session with her laughing and catching up. She looks forward to serving the
Tampa Bay Area for years to come!

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