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Kelly Kristine Coles founded Kelly Kristine Photography to share her passion for newborn, maternity and family photography. What started out as a casual hobby of taking pictures of her young children, has quickly evolved into a highly successful photography business. With an extensive and well-established clientele base, Kelly has recently
expanded her photography enterprise by adding a mentoring & photography workshop program so that she can
share her knowledge and experience with other aspiring photographers. These new photography services are now available for both individuals as well as group programs. While once following trends and designs, Kelly is now setting new trends with her original style and innovative design concepts. What will never change for Kelly is her style and passion for her craft. This is what separates her from other photographers. With her success as a businesswoman and her continued passion for newborn, maternity and family photography, Kelly is imparting
an inspirational influence on Tampa Bay’s photography community.

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