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It was 1999. Lisa Henke, nationally-recognized medical sales rep, was running full throttle through life when Dr. Barbara Bourland, founder/medical director of Clearwater’s Susan Cheek Needler Breast Center, called her with the biopsy report. Breast cancer. Over the years, doctor and patient became best friends, and now passionately serve those who desire optimized health, as trusted advisors and coaches for lasting change.

Are you overwhelmed or confused by the abundant and sometimes conflicting information on health? Integrative
Wellness Solutions International (IWSI) offers online and private education that brings clarity to your investigations. If you have experienced frustration while attempting to implement a major lifestyle change, you will value the impact of Take a Step Coaching. Lastly, IWSI vets cutting-edge technologies for you, seeking those proven to target the root cause of disease, aging poorly, and losing your zest for life.

Extraordinary health is a choice. Why settle for less?

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