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Erin is a wife, mother, and a fulltime wedding, lifestyle, and fine art photographer in the Charlotte area and beyond. Photography has been a hobby of hers for almost a decade, and has recently turned into a full-time business. She enjoys building relationships with clients and capturing beautiful moments for them. While photography is a great
passion, Erin appreciates all forms of art. She enjoys spending her time with her husband, Scott, and their two year old son, Noah. Erin’s photography career really took off after Noah was born. While he was Erin’s main subject to photograph, eventually other clients wanted Erin to capture their portraits as well. What started as a creative outlet
for Erin, has turned into a thriving full-time business. Erin Maynard Photography focuses on capturing moments that mean the most, while creating beautiful pieces of art that hold a timeless style of sophisticated elegance.

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