Catering Works – Jill Santa-Lucia


Jill is the President and Culinary Director of Catering Works, Inc. Catering Works is the parent company to The Laurelbrook, Bloom Works and Pastry Works.

Jill graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 1987 in Culinary Arts . Jill’s recipes have won local and national
awards. Jill’s latest collaboration with Supper Meals and continued development with Personal Chef Meals, has brought Catering Works into private home delivery of custom prepared meals. Jill has a passion for helping the local community through donations of food and service to many charitable organization, including World Central Kitchen, Share the Pie, Inter Faith Food Shuttle. Jill is the proud mom of Ella and Mary Jill’s passion for cooking was inspired by her grandmother. Jill grew up in Fairport NY and her business partner is her sister Lorin Laxton, Jill remains very close to her sister and her mom Karen. Next year Catering Works celebrates 30 years.

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