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We have all experienced those moments where we wish the happy feeling we have at a given moment would last forever. Our souls feel lighter, life seems easier, troubles a distant memory. What we cannot seem to figure out is how make that happiness last. These strategies will help you find more happiness, that lasts longer.

Being aware of joy
Finding lasting happiness is like putting together your own personal happiness puzzle. To build it, you have to honestly look at each individual puzzle piece and see what fits versus what has been wedged in and does not match. Being aware and honest of how you feel about activities you engage in, people you spend time with and what you need is the first step to getting it right. We are the master of our own domain. Once we accept this, we understand that only we are the ones who have the power to change it.

Do what is good for you
I often feel conflicted between what others want me to do, and what is good for me. Over time and much trial and error I have learnt an important step is pausing to be aware of how I am feeling and why. I cannot always label the feeling, but I understand I am feeling something good or not good. Feeling anxious is a cue for me. Recently, I told family that I would not be attending a celebration, because I had to work. What was making me anxious was both being behind in work and having to say no. Being self-aware and honest meant I had to accept that the feelings of guilt were because of my need to please others and not myself. In the end I need to do what is good for me. This is my mantra.

Take care of you body, heart and mind
Being in business is a lonely adventure, I suspect as lonely as being a writer in a room alone. What can not be ignored is the relationship between happiness and a healthy body, heart and mind. For each person this will look a little different. For me, I know there are daily non-negotiables. I must exercise, meditate, have at least one belly laugh, learn and work on my business everyday. Sure, I might miss something once in awhile. When I am feeling off the first thing I look at is what I haven’t been doing. This is usually the key to why I am feeling that way.

Accept you are the designer of your happiness
Too often, we look to outside factors and attribute our lack of happiness on them. The job, the partner, wanting to be in better shape. If I just had (insert x, y, z) then I would be happier. When we get (x, y ,z) we realize that the happiness was fleeting and now we are looking for a new thing to make us happy. The truth is we will never find lasting happiness in impermanent things. Our shiny car will get old, our favorite jacket will go out of style, we will make more money only to want to make even more. Lasting happiness comes from the simple things we do each day. It is being full of gratitude for what is in our life. The beautiful flower blooming in the garden. The sunshine warming your face. A chat with a friend. Lasting happiness comes from finding the joy in even the small, mundane tasks, it is about keeping wonder and dreams alive, being amazed by everything and how incredibly fascinating every person can be. The rest is just icing on the cake.

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Trina Plamondon

Trina Plamondon is the founder of Oh Canada Market, an online marketplace for small, family-owned Canadian businesses. On her blog “Just Bizness”, she provides creative solutions that help small business owners increase brand awareness and develop growth.