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Did you just execute a status check on yourself? Did you find that the fire in your belly is fully ablaze? Or is it slowly ebbing a way? Have you known for a while that your fire is out, and you do not know what to do about it? Are you “faking it until you are making it” in hopes that your fire will come back, and things will be good again?

When you know that fire is gone, when that jazzy feeling is not there, when that surge of energy which got you hopping out of bed and to the gym super early so you can get your day started has gone, it is time to consider if you want it back. That engine inside of us stops running at least once if not more in our lives. No one is Superwoman! Getting back that fire, that engine running or jazzy feeling, is important and easier to do than you might think.

The first step is acknowledging that your inner fire is either dwindling or completely out. Once you have made peace with this the next step is to identify your value. Yes, you do have value; we all do. How do you have an effect in your job, so far in your career, with your family, with your friends and peers? To yourself even. Take out your phone, tablet, digital notebook, traditional notebook, a paper napkin even and start making a list of the ways you create value. Let your mind flow and write it all down. Ask others how you add and/or create value in your relationships with them and others. You may be surprised at what others see in you – all super good! Once you have your list, you can play around with what you have, prioritize the items, or shorten the list to a subset that deeply resonates with you – it is up to you how you identify your value.

Once you have identified your value, connect with your value. Spend time with your list: what does each line item mean to you, how do you visualize each line item, can you think of 5 examples of how you demonstrate that value to others, intentionally or not; do those examples resonate with you, why? What comes to you with each line item? How do you feel when you think about these examples? Do you feel different at the end of this exercise than you did at the beginning? Only when you have deeply, and authentically connected with each item on your list are you ready to move to the next step.

Now it is time to stand in your value. To successfully stand in your value you must first recognize and appreciate that your value has meaning. Others place importance on your unique contributions. Having confidence in your value is crucial. Understand how you help others, appreciate what you bring to the table, to each relationship, and situation. You want your value to become an intrinsic part of who you are.

By now you may feel little sparks, or flickers of jazz starting again. You may begin to feel a tinge of excitement in distinct parts of your life. These are all good signs; do not worry if you are not feeling a thing yet.

The last step is to apply your value. Where can you begin to consciously apply your value? Where have you not been applying your value? As you think about these two questions, you will begin to feel flicks of fire begin to stir, notes of jazz begin to play, excitement begin to rumble inside your core. There may even be a smile on your face! As you continue with this last step over the next few days or weeks, your fire will fully return. Find a routine where you spend time each day reflecting on how and where you can apply your value. You may find that it is time for a career move or pivot, or there may be changes needed in your personal life (making more time for people or causes that are important to you). You may find that there is a positive aspect to the life change (divorce, broken engagement, death, or job loss) that initiated the loss of your fire. Once you know that your inner flame is back, it is time to plan the work for applying your value and work that plan. Enjoy the fire in your belly and standing in your value.

Corinne Wyard
Corinne Wyard Coaching

Corinne Wyard is a former award-winning marketing leader, now executive & life coach and Reiki Master, who genuinely enjoys assisting people to grow and thrive. Her passion is to help others reignite that innate inner fire that makes them their best and guides them to their next level of self-defined success


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