Written by Shannon Keil | The Regent | KNOW Tampa Bay

Being a female executive is a lonely place.

Yes – We have friends, colleagues, employees, families, and friends, but there are frequent moments that weigh heavy on our minds. No matter our individual journey, no matter our current life situations, we often find ourselves staring at a life we could have had and on the flipside where we can go from here – and we are not confident in either. Our minds flood with “what ifs” and “why nots” and “I wish I would’ve knowns”. We step into every day’s starting point with our tool bag on our shoulder, putting the rose-colored glasses on and we jump. We step into the clouds of uncertainty, and we make things happen.

We have guilt about the things we are leaving at home for the day and guilt when we let it creep in when we are at work. We lose ourselves in the work, but we work harder – so that just maybe – we will find ourselves amid it all. Will success be the answer, or will it be the death of us; will I lose my spouse, have children who never really know me or will I work 30 years and never reach my full potential. All this happens when all we really want is to just learn how to allow ourselves to relax and breathe.

We fantasize about the perfect getaway to escape from it all, yet we do not trust anyone enough to let go and delegate or worst of all let the fear take hold that they might do it better. We daydream of life changing moments that makes it all worthwhile, yet we never really allow ourselves to participate enough to collect memories. What if I am too feminine and seen as weak, or what if I lead too strong and the soft side just disappears. Wholeness is an unachievable goal, yet to not strive for it leaves a hole in my soul. Conflicting voices of parents, mentors, and superiors rush in daily, but we mine out enough self-worth to keep going. That is the mind of the strongest of women – the women who lead well – the women who change the world.


Shannon Keil
The Regent

Shannon Keil is a Florida girl through and through; born and raised in Central Florida. She recently moved back to Florida from Texas and now resides in Riverview, FL with her husband of 24 years, John along with their 3 children; Shawn, Kaleigh, Taylor, son-in-law Jaime and grandson Dominic. Shannon has built her 20+ year career in Florida, Texas and around the globe working for companies such as Universal Studios Creative Development, Young Presidents Organization, Streams Ministries, Mary Kay Corporate and now The Regent. Through this career building journey she has learned from amazing mentors and industry leaders, gathering an understanding of corporate events, meetings, workshops and conferences – large and small. She has been honored to walk with a long list of brides down the aisle to their most memorable life changing moment, and has put together dinners, galas and events to help charities and non-profits increase their bottom line.

For her it isn’t the event itself that brings the success but all of the small details that bring a memory making experience to life.