Written by Heather Troline | The Creative Brandhouse 

A good website with powerful introductory content can leave a lasting first impression. To ensure your viewers have a quality experience, here are 3 key questions to ask yourself about your homepage.

1. Is it designed for mobile viewing?

In 2022, focusing on a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever before. Studies show that more than half of website visitors are accessing from cell phones over desktop computers. Some businesses have adopted a “mobile-first” approach, meaning they start by arranging the mobile version before optimizing to fit a desktop screen. Other brands have simply optimized their existing desktop design to ensure a responsive experience for mobile visitors.

2. Is the content that’s “above the fold” captivating and meaningful to your brand identity?

This term historically refers to content featured in the upper half of a folded newspaper or tabloid. In modern-day marketing, it’s an indicator of content that appears at the top of a website, landing page or email campaign before a viewer begins to scroll. You only have a few seconds to capture a consumer when they land on your website, so think of it as a sales pitch. Would the content featured at the top of your website convince someone to choose you?

3. Is the main navigation menu organized and easy to maneuver?

The navigation menu may seem insignificant, but the majority of website visitors will leave if they can’t find what they’re looking for. To ensure a quality experience for your visitors, set up a main menu that makes sense to them. Keep it simple by showcasing 5-6 high level categories with drop-down menus for more specific selections. 

Whether you’re a startup looking for someone to build your website from start-to-finish or an established brand looking to tell your story in a more compelling way, we can help! Our team of creatives help craft websites that elevate brands, connect with customers, and convert.

Heather Troline
The Creative Brandhouse

Heather is a wife, mother of (soon-to-be) three, business owner, experienced marketer, creative director, and lifestyle blogger. She has spent her career in marketing and advertising, working in agencies and with brands across various industries spanning automotive, retail, fashion, lifestyle, and health/wellness. Heather has worn many hats over the years from account manager, PR assistant, creative producer, and marketing director to Chief Marketing Officer. She loves the exploration of design and ideas. Being able to look at things and question how they could look or be experienced better. The art of designing and making an idea come to life is the best part of the process for her. Whether it’s a brand wanting to be seen differently, or a room needing decorating, the visionary part is where Heather thrives. She enjoys working with people, brands, and companies on creative projects of all sorts through her design studio business, The Creative Brandhouse.


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