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Written by Susan Crews | Huntsboro Hemp Co | KNOW Raleigh

OMG…have you heard all the buzz about CBD? Does it have you dazed and confused? Does it sound too good to be true? Are you skeptical about CBD?

Guess what? I am Susan Crews, CEO/President of Huntsboro Hemp Company, and I was skeptical!

When I first heard about CBD (cannabidiol) I thought there was no way any plant product could do ALL THAT! And you know what? I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years teaching women how to take care of their bodies and eat a mostly plant based diet with the mantra “let your food be thy medicine”.

So, what changed my mind and why did I start a CBD company? First, my son-in-law Garrett Brewer, was so excited about the possibilities of the hemp plant and CBD. His excitement and energy created curiosity within me. So, I set out to learn why he was so excited.

I began studying cannabinoids, especially CBD, by attending webinars and medical conferences with doctors and nurses who were using CBD in their practices, learning from Dr. Raphael Mechoulam’s work, attending CBD conferences and expos as well as hemp meetings. I learned that quality CBD is the real deal! I have also learned that the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), found in all mammals, is a massive body system designed to work in tandem with other body systems to keep the body in homeostasis. Also, cannabinoids are already present and functioning well in our bodies. When the body is balanced it can perform at it’s optimal level. When someone is experiencing pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, focusing, or gut issues to name a few there is an inflammation in the body. CBD works to reduce inflammation which could reduce or alleviate these symptoms.

Now, don’t get confused…CBD will cure nothing! However, when you reduce or alleviate these symptoms, we feel better and can live a healthier happier life.

And that my friend, is a sweet feeling knowing you are helping someone live better!

HHC products, created by Garrett, are the basis of our family-run company. We set out to provide hope for our friends and family in our small town and beyond.

Together we use our small-town values to drive transparency, friendly service and care for our customers.

Check out our website, Huntsboro Hemp Company, to find your favorite product. You can order individual products or bundle them together. One of my favorite ways to start is with the Ultimate Relief Bundle because you receive my favorite products!


Susan Crews
Huntsboro Hemp Co

Susan and her husband, Jimmy, live on the family farm where to date Huntsboro Hemp Company’s hemp has been organically grown.  Also, on the farm Susan tends the honeybees who produce the honey used in HHC products.