By Erin Daniels, The KNOW Women

Over a recent five-year span, all women-owned businesses have grown around 21%. More specifically, Black women-owned businesses have skyrocketed and grown 50% with an additional 99% growth in side-entrepreneurship! These women are consistently breaking boundaries and barriers; however, they aren’t the first to do it. 

Some successful Black women entrepreneurs we can pay homage to are Maggie Lena Walker, the first African American woman to charter a bank in the U.S., Sheila Johnson, the co-founder of BET and the first African American woman to attain a net worth of a billion dollars, and Janice Bryant Howroyd, the first African American woman to own a billion-dollar company, the ACT-1 Group which is the largest certified women and minority-owned staffing agency in the United States.

In addition to these successful entrepreneurs, Black women currently operate 1.3 million businesses in the U.S. that generate approximately 44.9 billion dollars in annual revenue.

While they have attained tremendous success and growth, there is still a disparity between Black women-owned businesses and those owned by white women and other women of color. Per each $142,900 that all women-owned businesses generate, Black women-owned businesses only generate $24,000. One major way we can shift this discrepancy and support Black women-owned businesses is with our spending power this month and every month.

At KNOW we are proud of and support our Black powerhouse women that are dominating in their industries. Their proven resiliency and determination has led to their success. This month we are shining light on Black women-owned businesses in KNOW to support now and always. 


Carmen Cousin is owner of The Brand Life located in Charlotte, NC. She specializes in using high performance coaching to help ambitious women entrepreneurs build their personal brand to stand out, attract ideal clients, and make more money. Carmen is also a mother to two daughters. Her personal mission is to live an authentic, empowered, and loving life and to help other women do the same. Click here to connect with Carmen on LinkedIn.



Kayla Witherspoon, Property Maven


 Kayla is the owner of Property Maven, a luxury boutique-style real estate firm located in Uptown Charlotte that provides services for residential, commercial, & relocation for buyers and sellers. She is also the youngest real estate instructor in North Carolina. Though a small firm, Kayla has big goals and has made it her mission to explore her industry and become an expert. Property Maven gives the gift of homeownership and pays it forward with scholarships. As a full service brokerage, Property Maven prides themselves in being able to represent the client on all fronts. Click here to connect with Kayla and Property Maven Inc. on LinkedIn.

Tia founded Tia Young Image and Etiquette, LLC in 2002. This Tampa Native is also a TEDx Speaker, Amazon Bestselling Author and Etiquette Podcast Host. Aside from 20 years as an Image and Etiquette Coach, Tia is also the wife of Victor and mother of Taylor, Jordyn and Anita. The former International Flight Attendant and Trainer enjoys traveling and speaking worldwide. Click here to connect with Tia on LinkedIn.

Paulette Evans, Evans Efficiency Experts

Dr. Paulette J. Evans lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and is an efficiency expert who utilizes proven methodologies to solve problems at work, at home, and everywhere in between. She is the owner of Evans Efficiency Experts, a consulting firm focused on helping people, primarily women in different seasons of life, convert chaos to calm before they burn out. Click here to connect with Paulette on LinkedIn.

Dr. Lisa Folden is a licensed physical therapist, anti-diet health coach for busy moms, and private practice owner.  She is the founder of Healthy Phit Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants, a practice that offers traditional physical therapy, naturopathic wellness, group and individual fitness programs, corporate wellness initiatives and public speaking and wellness workshops. Dr. Lisa is also a wife and mother of three with a passion for helping busy moms. Click here to connect with Dr. Lisa on LinkedIn.

Rasheryl McCreary, TAO Leadership Development

Rasheryl is a Georgetown University certified leadership coach and expert in executive presence, personal brand, and imposter syndrome. She has trained leaders at the world’s biggest brands, including: American Express, P&G, HBO, PayPal, and Harvard Business School, to name a few. She currently resides in the Phoenix area with her family where she most enjoys creating and hosting holiday and Sunday brunches, as well as attending and facilitating spiritual retreats. Click here to connect with Rasheryl on LinkedIn. 

Tina East, Star Status Events

Florida native, Tina East is the founder of Star Status Events, LLC. She is an innovate, creative custom designer and event planner. Her passion for creativity drew her to the event planning industry over 16 years ago. Tina has always had a keen eye and visionary spirit for helping clients turn their dreams into reality. Star Status Events has two core functions; event planning and embroidery services.  She has planned, designed, and executed weddings, rehearsal dinners, office client parties, holiday parties, large black-tie galas, family gatherings, business seminars, non-profit fund raisers, concerts, fashion shows and baby showers! Click here to connect with Tina on LinkedIn. 

These seven high-achieving and driven women continue to dominate in their respective industries. We are proud to have them as a part of KNOW and are inspired by their determination and success. At KNOW, we love to support and highlight high-achieving leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.  Do you KNOW someone that deserves to be KNOWN? Comment or send us a message and let us know who you’d like to see featured in our upcoming KNOW Books and as a member of the KNOW Women!