By Erin Daniels, The KNOW Women

Female authors continue to dominate in the world of writing. From fiction to non-fiction, many of the most remarkable authors in this day of age are women. We have Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, Danya Kukafka, J.K. Rowling, Jessie Burton, and Malaika Tubbs to mention a few out of many.

Throughout history, the role of women in literature has significantly changed and been magnified. Women have not always had the freedom to express themselves in writing, and until recently, publishing has been dominated by men. When women write, the next generation of female leaders are able to hear their stories, gain education, and be inspired.

At KNOW we are are continuously proud of our women that dominate in their respective fields and share their expertise through writing. Their dedication to furthering their education and the education of others is what has led to their success and will help create a successful future for many other women. This month we are shining light on our high-achieving authors in KNOW. 


Dr. Susan Lovelle, Premiere Wellness

Dr. Susan, The Thrive Architect, teaches busy, mission-driven entrepreneurs and professionals how to flourish by mastering their energy, weight, and hormones. Her business, Premiere Wellness, is a comprehensive lifestyle health company that supports entrepreneurs and professionals virtually and in-person through speaking, workshops, courses, corporate consulting, and retreats. To learn more, you can read her book Thrive! The Five-Week Guide to Mastering Your Energy At Any Age. Click here to connect with Dr. Susan Lovelle on LinkedIn.



Charity Majors, Meant For More | Business & Bubbly


  Charity Majors is the host of the popular “Meant For More” Podcast, author to the #1 New Release/#2 Best Seller, “Meant For More; Igniting Your Purpose in a World That Tries to Dim Your Light,” and has been speaking, training, and facilitating workshops and events for over 15 years as a certified coach, speaker and transformation facilitator. She is also the creator of the world-wide sensation 14-day Unshakable Confidence Challenge, the Major I.M.P.A.C.T. Method, and is the founder of Business and Bubbly. Click here to connect with Charity on LinkedIn.

Kay McDonald, Charity Charms 

Collaboration, creative marketing, and product development are at Kay’s core and are what have led to the success of Charity Charms . Her book, “The Power of Charms”, is her passion project as it brings together amazing women she has been privileged to work combined with symbols and charms . Her business, Charity Charms, was launched in 2004 and specializes in bringing logos to life through beautiful charms. Their focus is private label programs for organizations and businesses, like KNOW. Kay’s book and interview series, “The Power of Charms,” tells the meaningful stories of real women leading powerful lives, and the symbols that define them. Click here to connect with Kay on LinkedIn.

Elyse Flynn Meyer is the Owner & Founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Diamond Partner. She is also the author of “Mastering Inbound Marketing: Your Complete Guide to Building a Results-Driven Inbound Strategy,” where she teaches you the tactics and approaches to develop and implement inbound marketing programs for both small businesses and enterprise organizations.  Her company, Prism Global Marketing Solutions, is a boutique inbound marketing agency working with companies around the globe to drive marketing and sales growth with integrated and comprehensive inbound marketing programs. Click here to connect with Elyse on LikedIn.

Mary started, led and expanded multimillion-dollar businesses for 30+ years. An internationally acclaimed author and speaker, she’s written seven books and hundreds of magazine articles. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Oprah Magazine, and countless TV and radio shows. Mary founded the Woman’s Advantage® Forum to help women with small businesses grow to the million-dollar level and beyond. Click here to connect with Mary on LinkedIn.

Ann Meyers Drysdale, Phoenix Suns | Phoenix Mercury

Ann Meyers Drysdale is a trailblazer in women’s basketball and has been in the sports broadcasting industry for over 40 years.  She is the first woman with a full athletic scholarship to UCLA, the first woman to sign an NBA contract after signing with the Indiana Pacers in 1979, and is a member of the inaugural 1976 U.S. Olympic Women’s Basketball Team. She is now the vice president of the Phoenix Suns and Mercury, where she has 3 WNBA titles and several Hall OF Fame awards. She is the author of “You Let Some Girl Beat You? The Story Of Ann Meyers Drysdale.” Click here to connect with Ann on Twitter.

Lorraine Miano, Making Menopause Magical

Lorraine is an Integrative Holistic Health Coach certified in hormone health that has been in the wellness industry for 8 years. She helps women in all phases of menopause have more energy, less stress and feel comfortable in their own skin.  As a Menopause Health & Hormone Coach and pro-aging advocate, Lorraine uses her expertise in her best-selling book, “The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back!” Click here to connect with Lorraine on LinkedIn.

These seven high-achieving and driven women continue to dominate in their respective industries and share their stories. We are proud to have them as a part of KNOW and are inspired by their determination and success. At KNOW, we love to support and highlight high-achieving leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.  Do you KNOW someone that deserves to be KNOWN? Comment or send us a message and let us know who you’d like to see featured in our upcoming KNOW Books and as a member of the KNOW Women!