Ways to Build Confidence with Passion

Written by Dr. Sharon Jones | thedot. Consulting & Dottie Rose Foundation | KNOW Charlotte

Confidence comes from the state of mind where you can trust in your knowledge and capabilities.

Having confidence implies that you know of your skills and intelligence and that you can take measures to go after opportunities to further your development. But how can we get there? Building confidence can often seem overwhelming and unachievable but we can achieve, there are small steps each of us can take to increase our confidence and move our careers forward. And all of these steps center around passion.

Walk through the following 5 steps to uncover the power of passion and confidence.

1. Self-Awareness – What is your boomerang? What do you come back to over and over again? Understand your personality, intelligence type, and deepest desires. Passion works with a boomerang effect. You need to take the time to become more self-aware and reflect upon your values, your intuition and what you naturally gravitate to. If you are honest to yourself, you will always go back to what you are passionate about.

2. Place Clarity on Your Values – One of the most vital exercises in uncovering your passion is clarifying your core values. These values are the framework for your life priorities. What are your non-negotiables and lead from there? Define what is a non-negotiable for you and that is your north star. Stay true to your beliefs and who you are and

3. Reframe Failure – One reason people are afraid to pursue their passion is because they fear failure. But as you seek your passion, you learn to embrace failure as a valuable part of success. Failure teaches you what you don’t want and what doesn’t work, so you can move on to what really lights your fire. What are some of the failures you have learned from? What can be your quick wins? But remember, failure is part of the game and necessary to win. Right now, try to embrace uncertainty – the only thing certain is change.

4. Defining Financial Freedom – Define your idea of financial freedom. You need enough to create the passionate life you design for yourself. Your financial freedom looks different than your friends, neighbors, or colleagues. Work to not compare but to be know your own financial goals and work to achieve

5. Embrace Uncertainty – Finding your passion requires you to take risks. You have to step into the unknown and live with the tension of not having a guarantee of the outcome. It’s only through embracing uncertainty and taking calculated risks that we grow and expand our opportunities. Accept that it’s a journey.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding your passion and becoming confident: take your time. Through your passion, you will realize your unique features, and confidence will follow. The power of confidence. Confidence will help you to be strong and hold up against pressure on what society tells you you should be like


Dr. Sharon Jones

Dr. Sharon Jones
thedot. Consulting & Dottie Rose Foundation

Dr. Sharon Jones, Ed.D is the founder and CEO of the dot.Consulting & the Dottie Rose Foundation, where she creates, innovates and implements cutting edge technology focused on new age education. Dr. Jones is a highly sought after and national award winning Computer Science expert. She also serves as a member of the National Small Business Leadership Council, where she represents North Carolina.


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