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We have the most amazing revolving door of hosts! Every week our team will interview the big CEOs you need to know, feature members of the KNOW Women community, and hear from our founder, Sarah Benken Foushee!


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CEO Chat with Kanika Chadda Gupta of Total Mom Sense

In this episode, you’ll meet Kanika Chadda Gupta, CNN television anchor turned podcaster and mom of three (including twins).

She hosts the popular podcast That’s Total Mom Sense, where she interviews public figures on their life lessons, parenting journey, and legacy. Guests include Chelsea Clinton, Kelly Rowland, Bobbi Brown, America Ferrera, Daphne Oz, Sarah Harden, Rebecca Minkoff, Reshma Saujani, and Shannon Lee. She has worked in partnership with the March of Dimes, Mom 2.0, Mother Honestly, and the White House.

Her show garnered over 1 million digital streams last year and Kanika has been featured in Forbes and on ABC, NBC, Fox, and Thrive Global.

We are diving into the story of Kanika and the creation of Total Mom Sense. Hear all about the creation and see what she has coming up next. 

“It’s so refreshing to hear from a group of women who care about the growth and development of other women. I really appreciate Sarah (the Founder of The KNOW Women) elevating the voices on her leadership team and members of the KNOW Women community. The podcast is insightful and has many gems of wisdom to help professional women take their skills to the next level! Well done!”

– queenofresults,

Episode 27 – Master Your Money Mindset

Episode 27 – Master Your Money Mindset

IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL HEAR: How sustainability affects your money mindset and what to be mindful of when reducing wasteful spending, why web searching your way to financial freedom can do more harm than good, how to address your past financial mistakes so they don’t...

Episode 26 – CEO Chat with Lisa Gilmore

Episode 26 – CEO Chat with Lisa Gilmore

IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL HEAR:In this episode, you'll hear from Lisa Gilmore, founder and Principle of Lisa Gilmore Design, as luxury international design firm, based out of Tampa, Florida. What you’ll learn:  - The early days of grit-building determination, the...

Episode 25 – CEO Chat with Sherrel Sampson

Episode 25 – CEO Chat with Sherrel Sampson

IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL HEAR: You will how Sherrel went from a marketing executive to building multi-million dollar hair and scalp care brand that is featured in over 300 retails stores, including CVS and Target. What motivated Sherrel to create Canviiy and how she is...

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