By Erin Daniels, The KNOW Women

Effective and results-driven marketing is necessary to successfully grow your business and expand your clientele. In order to market your business in a way that gets you the results you desire, you have to make sure you are asking the right questions! What is your brand mission and story? How does your company measure success? Who is your target audience? These questions along with many others will allow you to create a marketing strategy that caters to your ideal customers and business goals while telling your business story.

In addition to the foundation of your marketing strategy, there are many other aspects that come into play such as having a budget for your marketing dollars and measuring the success of your strategy. Creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy can be difficult, but fear not! There are plenty of knowledgeable marketing companies that can help lead you to success.

We asked our high-achieving KNOW women all about their marketing strategies, how to measure success, and what to look for in a marketing professional. Follow along on our four-part mini-series to get the answers you need in order to implement a successful marketing strategy for your business!

What do you look for in a marketing professional?

When I am interviewing marketing professionals for our firm or on behalf of our clients, I look for someone who continually wants to expand their knowledge. Marketing is constantly evolving, so someone who understands that change and makes every effort to stay ahead of the curve is critical. In addition, I always look for someone who is proactive, accountable, and has excellent writing skills.

Elyse Flynn Meyer, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

I believe a marketing professional should be confident and aware of trends happening in the industry, if not setting those trends. They’re ready to jump to the next big “thing” and accomplish any content assets.

Christina Ingrid Maksoud, MakSchu Productions

A marketing professional should be a hard worker, innovative, creative, and continuously learning new trends and techniques. I want someone who is passionate and knowledgeable. Marketing is an ever-evolving industry, so marketing professionals need to adapt to new methods and embrace change.

Alison Stine, Stine Wealth Management

A firm grasp of the fundamentals. Someone who recognizes the importance of story, and someone who can learn and understand the marketing medium du jour without compromising the fundamental principles of connecting with an audience

Trish Saemann, GoBeyond SEO

Our marketing strategist needs to be collaborative in nature, and someone who understands not our goals and objective, but our industry and business. We want her/him to be our thinking partner to bring new ideas to the table and be a sounding board for the concepts we develop.

Laura A Webb, Webb Investment Services | Her Two Cents Podcast

I don’t typically hire out my marketing, since my background is in digital marketing, but when I do hire it out, I’m looking for someone who understands my goals with marketing and can help me get there.

Kathleen Celmins,

With umpteen strategies available and growing, I look for three things in a marketing professional. One, do they specialize or have clarity about the 1-3 strategies they do best? Two, do they have offline and online marketing savvy that includes “tried and true” as well as “trending” strategies? Three, and most importantly, do they align with my belief that customer experience is the most valuable marketing strategy to ever exist and always will be.

Linette Montae, Profitable Empires

Some of the qualities we look for are: Creativity, Innovative Thinking, Adaptability, Goal-Oriented, and Good People Skills

Nadia Kaminskaya, Branding Bosses

Experience & results are most valuable. You don’t want to be someone’s guinea pig. Find someone who specialized in your industry and has shown proven results.

Erin Wilder, 81 & Sunny