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Taylor Reed is a self-taught multiinstrumentalist, singer/songwriter and recording artist. Her influences range
from Russian opera pop, to classic and modern R&B, to J.S. Bach. She tours regionally and nationally, using
her natural creativity and spontaneity by building an elegantly layered and engagingly soulful sound through a
looping pedal in her live performances. Masterfully weaving violin melodies through groove-infused pop and R&B
numbers, her music elevates any space.

Taylor’s original work seeks to connect on a human level, finding common ground in shared experiences and exposing beauty and hope through new perspectives. She recently released her debut, full-length album “Let Me Be Honest” which specifically focuses on authenticity, empathy, mental health, and boldly embracing the inner strength that comes from going through difficult times. It was recorded at Cogent Rec Studios in Brooksville, FL.

Taylor currently resides in Tampa with her husband Joe and their dogs MooCow and Dragon.

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