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What does a Charlotte girl need to know this week? That’s the question Susu Bear asked herself in 2009, when she was looking to put her retail and consumer marketing experience to practical use as a stay-at-home mom. The answer was, a website and weekly newsletter created by Charlotte women just for Charlotte women. Write about what you know and love ~ which for Susu meant upscale shopping, fitness, beauty, wellness, fashion, food, family & fun. Figure out how to make money at it ~ which for Susu meant creating Charlotte’s first paid content marketing platform, and growing it to be the number one female targeted medium in the city. Over 67,000 local women visit the website each month and another 65,000 are fans and followers of scoopcharlotte’s social media. Know your brand, have a vision and just stick with it ~ which for Susu has meant almost 10 years of
growth, expansion, adaptation and marketing strategy. If you’re a woman in Charlotte of any age and you like
a boutique-style experience, with quality, personal service and unique flair, then scoopcharlotte is for you.

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