Performance Scout – Vanessa Hall and Stacey Rouse


Performant Scout was launched by partners Vanessa Hall and Stacey Rouse in 2015 to take advantage of their passion and deep experience in the executive search industry. The firm places candidates across North Americain the Agribusiness and Food & Beverage Manufacturing field. Vanessa and Stacey have created a unique culture built on strong market research, extensive people networks and a customer approach that makes Performant Scout an extension of its clients’business. They provide the invaluable service of identifying experienced top talent who are a seamless culture fit. What sets them apart is that they listen, they care, they are flexible, and they have a big picture mind-set for the partnership. As foodies themselves, they know all about great taste!Vanessa and Staceyare creative, collaborative and customize their process to fit diverse clients’ needs. They are very proud of the business they created and the many companies they’ve helped to grow.

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