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Paper Elephant Studio was born out of passion, built with patience, and continues to charge forward on a mission
to help businesses define their brand through creative solutions.

Creative director, Kaycee Morin, is a proud University of Tampa graduate with a Bachelors in Fine Art. Kaycee’s background influences her digital design and provides a solid foundation for unique design.

Reflecting on her journey Kaycee admits, “In the past I’ve questioned my approach to business however, as Paper Elephant enters it’s fourth year, one thing I know to be true is that being my authentic self and speaking from my own voice has resulted in a better product for my clients and a better long term relationship with them.

My dad always tells me, ‘You’re just a nice person, people like that.’ I aim to be as nice as my dad thinks I am, and maybe it’s naive, but that’s my business plan.”

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