Impact One – Elizabeth Ayers-Cluff

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Elizabeth Ayers-Cluff received her BSW in Social Work from Arizona State University. In 2009, at 37 she began her battle with breast cancer. After years of treatments and surgery came to an end, she realized that while there were all kinds of information about breast cancer awareness, prevention and research, there was very little support to help women in the trenches to help women in the “now”. She took her years of experience in the non-profit sector and formed Impact One Breast Cancer Foundation. She has assisted over 600 women diagnosed with breast cancer. The Hope Box program has helped women in underserved communities— women who have been forgotten or women who simply just need Hope! Most of her energy has focused on supporting women who need additional services to help aid in their recovery. Each hope box is shipped with vital essentials needed to help her breast cancer sisters feel whole again.

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