Building New Horizons – Sharon Krieger, M.S., A.R.N.P.


Building New Horizons was established in 2001 to help patients build new horizons and be self-sufficient—whether that be through one encounter or one hundred. Creator Sharon Krieger’s philosophy is nature-oriented and she allows this to be her guiding principle while she practices. While she does prescribe Psychiatric Medications, she also offers a host of alternative therapies in the course of treatment.

The team of Building New Horizons offers Brainmapping for Precise Medication Prediction, Heartmath (Heart Rate
Variability Biofeedback), Neurofeedback (Brain Wave Training), Psychiatric Medication Management, Cognitive
Behavioral Therapies, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Psych-K (a thought form that helps tap into the subconscious and make changes quickly and permanently). They strive to offer the latest evidence-based therapies and technologies.

The processes that Sharon implements are intended to build self-esteem, selfconfidence, self-reliance and personal
empowerment…the very results that she wants for all of her patients.

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