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Angie Q’s Sweets was established in 2015. Owner and founder, Angie Quintas’ love for baking started when she was a little girl. She recalls her earliest and fondest childhood memories sitting on the kitchen counter and helping her grandmother bake cookies. Every celebration and gathering was an opportunity to try and bake something new.

Angie’s passion for baking remained even years later that –after following a career in the medical industry –she returned to the kitchen. She found a niche for decorated cookies, and taught herself the ins-and-outs of royal icing decorating.

With the encouragement and support of her loved ones, what started as a hobby of making cookie gifts for family and friends, turned into a full blown cookie career and the birth of Angie Q’s Sweets.

Angie Q’s cookies are made to order so they are always fresh and personalized to help celebrate the special events, milestones and memories in the lives of her treasured customers.

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