By Erin Daniels, The KNOW Women

Women are cultivating a new future in finance. In this very male-dominated industry, women hold just under 22% of leadership roles in financial service firms in the United States. Nonetheless, this number is consistently increasing as women are shifting the narrative and innovating finance in creative and successful ways. 

New financial organizations, like the Women’s Association of Venture & Equity (WAVE), are continuously being created for women in the financial industry, by women in the financial industry. These organizations are helping these women support and learn from each other and are resulting in the placement of women in higher power positions in their specialties. Seeing this support from fellow women also encourages more to join this male-dominated industry and is a leading cause of the positive shift in financial businesses that are owned by women.

At KNOW, we are proud of our powerhouse women that are dominating in this field and are overcoming many of the barriers that are still in place today. They are resilient and are actively changing the business of finance. Below, we are shining light on our well-deserved and successful women in finance. 


Esther specializes in working with women in all walks of life to help them plan and realize their financial future.  With 38 years in the industry, she has spent a lifetime studying how women’s needs differ from the way most financial firms are focused on doing business. Esther knows that women invest, see risk, and communicate differently and have different financial needs than men.  Esther takes pride in guiding her clients according to their specific needs. Click here to connect with Esther on LinkedIn.



Alison Stine, Stine Wealth Management


Alison Stine is a successful business owner, wife, dog mom, wine lover, yogi, and loves to be involved and give back to the community. She has also been in the financial industry for the past 9 years. Stine Wealth Management is a financial advising firm in Scottsdale. They help clients through the 3 phases of wealth: Accumulation, Distribution, and Wealth Transfer. Click here to connect with Alison and Stine Wealth Management on LinkedIn.

Filomena May is a committed mother of two children and one adorable fur baby. She is dedicated to her community, skiing in the winter, and yoga year around. In addition, she is an award-winning Senior Wealth Advisor, international speaker and entrepreneur with 19 years of experience in the financial industry. At Filo Financial Solutions, they help enhance the lives of each client by creating a financial roadmap designed to overcome adversity and to enable them to fulfill their personal potential. Click here to connect with Filomena on LinkedIn.

Laura is a 3rd generation native of Asheville and loves supporting her community and being an advocate for women, especially women in business.  Webb Investment Services is a wealth management and investment consulting firm that has been providing support to women since 1995. They are dedicated to empowering successful individuals, particularly women, to take control and make intelligent decisions about their financial futures. Click here to connect with Laura on LinkedIn.

Stacey is passionate about financial wellness. She works with business owners to meet their specific retirement plan needs, as well as their employees through company sponsored retirement plans, 401ks and IRA’s. Capstan Financial Consulting Group is a boutique financial services practice constructed of a team capable of managing virtually every aspect of your financial well-being. Click here to connect with Stacey on LinkedIn.

Jenna Biancavilla, Pearl Capital Management

Jenna is relentlessly on a mission to help her clients achieve financial freedom. With 14 years in the financial industry, she crafts custom financial plans and portfolios while devotedly educating with the heart of a teacher. At Pearl Capital Managements, their mission is to professionally support, educate, and uncompromisingly help every client achieve their goals and financial freedom. Click here to connect with Jenna on LinkedIn.

Ruth Barrios is a Financial Advisor and the Owner of Veritas Financial Group. With being in the industry over 13 years, she has a passion to help women build a solid foundation and achieve their financial goals. Ruth has the pleasure of helping her clients grow their networth while strategically taking into consideration their individual situation. Click here to connect with Ruth on LinkedIn.


These seven women are highly educated and deeply passionate about the world of finance resulting in their proven success in the field. They continue to inspire the next generation of women in this industry as they lead and motivate all across North America. At KNOW, we love to support and highlight high-achieving leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.  Do you KNOW someone that deserves to be KNOWN? Comment or send us a message and let us know who you’d like to see featured in our upcoming KNOW Books and as a member of the KNOW Women!