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Global Female-Empowered Media Company Honors Top Featurees in Annual Book

PHOENIX – (July 9, 2021)The KNOW Women announced today the honorees of the 2020 Best of KNOW book, a special yearly publication celebrating its top female leaders from across North America. The 2020 honorees will be recognized at the annual KNOW Women Summit which will take place October 21-23, 2021, at the Civana Resort and Spa in Cave Creek, Arizona.

The Best of KNOW Book, presented by Morgan Auto Group, is an annual hardcover book that is distributed internationally and recognizes a select group of women from each city where KNOW Women has a presence. The book honors extraordinary individuals for their national notoriety, inspiration, dedication, and significant contribution to the advancement of women. The women selected for this feature have not only achieved high levels of professional success, but also serve as inspiring leaders and mentors, and are actively creating a legacy by passing on their vision to women of the future.

The 2020 Honorees include: 

  • Farrah Morgan of Brand Jane Studio, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Susan Crews of Huntsboro Hemp Company, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Lisa Wester of Lab Corp, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Alma Adams of NC House of Reps, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Dr. Lisa Folden of Healthy Phit Physical Therapy and Wellness Consultants, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tenisha Patterson Brown of Definitive Sports Group, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Jacinda Jacobs, Melody McCord Stephens, Diana McFarlane of Uniquely Qualified Inc, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Julie Ball of Sparkle Hustle Grow/Subscription Box Bootcamp, Asheville, North Carolina
  • Kimmy Hunter of Wishbone Homes, Asheville, North Carolina
  • Carrie Doll of Carrie Doll Consulting, Edmonton, Canada 
  • Dr. Jody Carrington of Dr. Jody Carrington Consulting Inc., Edmonton, Canada
  • Jackie Rainforth of Rainmakers Business Solutions, Calgary, Canada
  • Filomena May of Filo Financial Solutions of Raymond James Ltd., Calgary, Canada
  • Kareeda Aguam of the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Amy Walberg of PRESS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Bernadette DiPino of the Sarasota Police Department, Sarasota, Florida 
  • Pam Sowder and Kaye Dixon of It Works!, Sarasota, Florida 
  • Haley Crum of FrankCrum, of Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Tracie Domino of Event Outfitters, Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Joanna Olsen of Coyote Ugly, Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Claire Lessinger of Tampa Bay Sports Commission, Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Jackie Toledo, PE of Florida State Representative, Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Dr. Vershale Shukla of Vincere Cancer Center, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ann Meyers Drysdale of The Phoenix Mercury and Suns, Phoenix, Arizona 
  • Julie Giese of Phoenix Raceway, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Kate Gallego of Mayor of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona 
  • Pam Giannonatti of Fry’s Foods, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ginger Clayton of Elontec, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Brittney Griner of The Phoenix Mercury, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Que Raphael of Starlink Realty Inc, Fort Myers, Florida
  • Cyndi Doragh of Iron Ridge Insurance Services, Fort Myers, Florida 
  • Dr. Amanda Sterk of College UnMazed,LLC, Fort Myers, Florida
  • Erica Castner of Castner Consulting, Fort Myers, Florida
  • Aisha Adams of Aisha Adams Media, Asheville, North Carolina

2019 Recipients (will also be honored):

  • Ashley Wolfe of  GSL GM City Calgary, Canada
  • Bailey Brown of Bailey Brown Consulting Edmonton, Canada
  • Becky Wilkins  of External Affairs Medical Spa, Edmonton, Canada
  • Beth Reisinger of Bank of America & Phi Mu, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Bobbie Racette of Virtual Gurus, Calgary, Canada
  • Brianna Hallet of SwizzleSticks SalonSpa, Calgary, Canada
  • Catherine Anaya of 4 Hearts Media, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Chau Lui & Trang Wong of Paris Jewellers, Edmonton,Canada
  • Chief Deputy Donna Lusczynski of Hillsbourougn County Sherrif’s Office,Tampa, Florida
  • Christina Laxer – Berns of Laxer Family Foundation | Bern’s Black Box, Tampa, Florida
  • Christy Stross of Youfit | Bae, St. Pete, Florida
  • Danica Patrick of Danica Racing, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Danielle Fawcett of The Shoe Closet, Calgary, Canada
  • Deborah Bateman of Risk Blossoming,  Phoenix, Arizona
  • Dez Melenka of The Creative Hive, Edmonton, Canada
  • Diana Taurasi of The Phoenix Mercury, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Erica Delong of iHeartMedia, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Franny Tacy, Franny’s Farm, Asheville, North Carolina
  • Ione Jamison and Ellen Sellers of Rucker Roots, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Jamie Sale of Jamie Sale Consulting, Edmonton, Canada
  • Janet Cone of UNC Asheville, Asheville, North Carolina
  • Jennifer Andrews of Family Squeezed Lemonade, Calgary, Canada
  • Joanna Gutierrez Winters of Winters Global Solutions, Tampa, Florida
  • Jodi Avery of Jodi Avery’s Real Estate, St. Pete, Florida
  • Kanika Tomalin of City of St. Pete, St. Pete, Florida
  • Kelly Ross of Morgan Automotive Group ,St. Pete, Florida
  • Kristin Black of Miss America Teen Tampa, Tampa, Florida
  • Laurie Turner of HireQuest Direct, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Leah Howard  of Cultivated Cocktails, Asheville, North Carolina
  • Leah Huss of Huss Brewing, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Lisa Dahl of Dahl Restaurant Group, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Lisa Gilmore of Lisa Gilmore Design, St. Pete, Florida
  • Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff of AR Workshop, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Mayor Jane Castor of City of Tampa, Tampa, Florida
  • Melissa Ternes of Master Your Money Now, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Nadia Wilson and  Lisa Cunningham of Cork Beard Wine, Edmonton, Canada
  • Nikki DeBartolo of Our Happy Divorce, Tampa, Florida
  • Sharon Lamm Hartman of Inside Out Learning, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sharon Lechter of The Play Big Movement, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Shassity Stevenson of Shassity Styles, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Shay Brown of Shay Brown Events Asheville, North Carolina
  • Dr. Susan Lovelle of Premiere Wellness, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Tami Fitzpatrick of Entropy Technology Design, Inc, Tampa, Florida
  • Tasha Fishman of Fishman’s Dry Cleaning, Calgary,Canada
  • Terrie Daniel of University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
  • Tracey Green-Washington of CoThink and Indigo Innovation Group, Asheville, North Carolina
  • Tracy West of Valspar Championship, Pro Links Sports, and Copperhead Charities, St. Pete, Florida
  • Tula Summerford of Design by Tua, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Veronica Southerland of Flo Hydration & Wellness, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Vicky Kujundzic of Vicky’s Homes, Edmonton, Canada


“Attaining the Best of KNOW honor is a lifetime achievement for a select group of dynamic female leaders and entrepreneurs from across the U.S. and Canada,” says Sarah Benken, CEO and Publisher of The KNOW Women. “These honorees have shown remarkable business growth, leadership in their communities, and mentorship of other women and girls. I could not be prouder to celebrate these phenomenal women leaders at our Summit this fall.”

The 2021 Annual KNOW Women Summit and Best of KNOW 2019-20 Celebration will bring together dynamic women leaders and business owners from North America for two full days of workshops, panels, networking opportunities, a shopping marketplace, and awards presentations. The celebration will shine the spotlight on honorees, with award presentations at the Best of KNOW Women Celebration Dinner, presented by Morgan Auto Group. 

The Summit is open to award honorees, KNOW Global members and their female guest, corporate supporters, and all women looking for inspiration and connections in business and career.

For more information on KNOW Women or to register to attend the 2021 Annual KNOW Women Summit, visit

About The KNOW Women:  

The KNOW Women is the leading global women’s group whose mission is bringing “all women who achieve great things together.” The multifaceted community offers one-of-a-kind memberships, groups, business development opportunities and community outreach programs for female leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs. The KNOW Women elevates and connects women you should know and their businesses, professions, and communities, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, socioeconomic status, or physical appearance. For more information, visit

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