By Erin Daniels, The KNOW Women

Female creatives continue to dominate in many fields that require innovation, artistic ability, and raw creativity. From photographers to artists to graphic designers, the creators and makers of the world help produce a more colorful and enjoyable life. With many years of development, education, and practice, they have matured their art forms in incredible ways. They share with us the behind-the-scenes of their minds and are able to turn it into something useful and beautiful that has never been done before.

Whether you are in need of some art to decorate your office or a graphic designer to level up your website, you are sure to find the creative you need below! Join us as we celebrate and support the Creators and Makers that are in the KNOW community.

Leah doesn’t seek perfection, she seeks freedom, fun, and the supernatural.  She thoroughly enjoys that art allows her to play, have fun and express passion and loves how art brings people together, creates community, and expresses things that words sometimes cannot. Leah is the founder of Creative ArtNest,  a place for everyone to be reminded that they are beautiful, strong, capable, and empowered. It exists to cultivate joy and inspiration through her art & writings. She currently creates custom commissions and murals, has an online store, paints LIVE at events, paints businesses windows, offers creative workshops, and is currently illustrating for a book. Click here to connect with Leah on Instagram!

Kay McDonald, Charity Charms

Kay is the owner of Charity Charms. She has always loved creating and merchandising and her career includes Department Store Buyer, Boutique Owner, and Product Development Expert. She is inspired by travel, is a consummate chef, and collects exotic masks, jewelry and artifacts from around the world. Charity Charms is a social enterprise, launched in 2004, that turns logos and symbols into meaningful charms. They have worked with over 500 nonprofits, women’s organizations, and businesses to create custom charm jewelry programs that define their brand and engage their communities. (The KNOW Bracelet is their collaboration with Sarah and the KNOW team). Connect with Kay on LinkedIn here.


Jessica Wenger McPhaul, Naked Rebellion


With a degree from FIDM and almost two decades of Hollywood costume design experience—including a 2017 Emmy nomination for House of Cards—Jessica Wenger McPhaul is well versed in most things fashion and apparel. This experience made her ready for the call when she noticed a glaring market gap in the women’s intimates industry. She co-founded NAKED REBELLION in 2019, focused on providing a nude shade bra for every woman on earth. Naked Rebellion is nude shade luxury lingerie company crafted for every woman on earth. The nude bra is an essential fashion staple in a woman’s closet- a rare item that goes with every look, the foundation of any outfit, and the fundamental building block of every wardrobe. Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn here!


Jennifer Testamarck, MakeJoy Studio


Jennifer Testamarck is a graphic designer in Tempe, Arizona. As a graphic designer, she constantly works with clients to create solutions and beautiful designs that solve their biggest business problems. From creating logos to brochures to websites, she loves creating something that simply starts from a conversation or idea. MakeJoy Studio is a design agency where Jennifer is the owner and creative director. They create brands and marketing graphics for small business owners and solopreneurs looking to level up and desire high-quality marketing to attract the right clients. When you hire MakeJoy Studio, you get a brand you love. Click here to connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn!

Michelle Pierce, Creative Edge Interiors

Michelle is well respected for her award-winning designs, her zest for life, her sound business acumen, and her dedication to philanthropy. Her company, Creative Edge Interiors, is an award-winning, interior design firm specializing in large-scale residential and commercial renovations and full-service furniture packages. Connect with Michelle on Linkedin here!

Alexis Fraser, Lipstick Lex

Alexis Fraser aka Lipstick Lex began her journey as an unconventional lipstick artist back in 2012. Over the course of her fully engaged art career, Alexis has found a voice of happiness, love, affection, beauty, and bold colors through her work. What once started as a monochromatic color palette of your typical shades of lipstick, has blossomed into a fully vibrant spectrum that is seen not just in her artworks, but throughout the expansion of her personally designed home decor and apparel collection. Click here to shop with Lipstick Lex!

Davita Galloway, DUPP&SWAT + HUE HOUSE

Davita is a change agent, creative, host, speaker, costumer, doer, disruptor, and a creator of all things dope, whose favorite color is pink. A proponent and champion of building community, social equity, entrepreneurship, and economic opportunity, Davita enjoys collaboration with impact on those outputs. Click here to connect with Davita on Instagram!

Dr. Sharon Jones, Dottie Rose Foundation

Dr. Sharon Jones, Ed.D is the founder and CEO of the dot. Consulting and the non-profit Dottie Rose Foundation, where she leads and implements technology-focused education and innovation. Dottie Rose Foundation is building the next generation of female technologists by equipping them with the skills, confidence, and voice to be creators versus consumers of technology. Our high-touch, engaging interactive programming empowers girls to leverage their talent, passion, and tech skills starting in middle school and continuing through college and career. Click here to connect with Dr. Sharon on LinkedIn!

Christina Maksoud, MakSchu Productions

Christina Maksoud received her BFA in Motion Design from Ringling College in 2016, and is currently helping many Tampa Bay Businesses achieve their visual content. MakSchu Productions has spent the last 6 years focusing on creating promotional content through design, animation, live-streaming, and video campaigns for 100+ brands. Click here to connect with Christina on LinkedIn!

Mollie Suarez, Westshore Diamond

Mollie discovered her calling for gemology in 1997 and pursued the career path at the Gemological Institute of America. She completed her degree as a graduate gemologist in 2001 and then proceeded to grade diamonds for GIA in Carlsbad, California.  In 2011, she created Westshore Diamond with the dedication to unlock the mysteries of the jewelry industry and give you a romantic experience built on trust. Westshore Diamond is an elevated, comfortable creative space where design ideas come to life Click here to shop Westshore Diamond!

Lisa Fontaine Design Studio is a full-service boutique design firm based in Phoenix, AZ. From design to installation and all of the details in between, Lisa curates thoughtful, polished interiors that meet her client’s own interests, travels, and lifestyles. Lisa’s 20 years in the design industry have provided her many opportunities, with the most recent development of opening an online home décor boutique, Fontaine & Co. Her love for Art Deco guides this curated collection of home décor. A collection that revamps the signature 1920’s style, making it more accessible & functional in contemporary spaces. Click here to shop Fontaine & Co!

Laura Madden, ReFashioned Art

Laura Madden is a Phoenix-based artist and her brand is ReFashioned Art. Her work is modern, abstract art that brings a fashionable edge to the walls of your home or business. She is looking for opportunities to show her art and bring value and exposure to the CBRE properties. Laura is also available for commissions. ReFashioned Art has been featured in publications Modern Luxury Scottsdale, Iconic Life, So Scottsdale, The Redbook, Frontdoors, Fabulous AZ, Green Living, Arizona Foothills, and TV networks Fox 10 Phoenix, AZTV Channel 7, Arizona Midday Channel 12, Arizona’s Family Channel 3, and ABC 15 Arizona. You can find Laura’s work on and

Nadia Kaminskaya, Branding Bosses

As Branding Bosses Founder and CEO, Nadia is fortunate to live her passion for marketing and entrepreneurship every day. She is faced with the opportunity of building her legacy while overseeing a highly talented team of professionals that help her achieve her dream. She hopes to change the face of digital marketing in the business ecosystem. Branding Bosses is an all-inclusive digital marketing agency based in Tampa, FL. They develop marketing strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises across numerous industries. They create extraordinary brand experiences that help companies establish their voice and elevate their brands. Their work is renowned for its highly-crafted design, and its ability to drive action. Click here to connect with Nadia and Branding Bosses on LinkedIn!

Jennifer and Jessica Carroll, Fun Fab Frisky Play Day

Jessica is a TV personality, red carpet reporter, speaker, confidence coach, and social media influencer. Jennifer is an award-winning speaker and author. Together they host high-end events which they call Fun Fab Frisky Play Days! The dynamic duo, also known as J&J, give successful women permission to play. They believe if you better yourself, you better your business! Connect with them on LinkedIn here!