11 of our favorite health + wellness brands that can help mentally, spiritually + physically – all from the comforts of your own home.

All of the following businesses are members of the KNOW Women Global Membership.

Dixie Brown, Lotus Healing

sara mayer

Health and Wellness Coaching Practice designed to help clients feel their best- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Angie Nicolucci, Uplifting Spaces


Angie Nicolucci is a Holistic Sleep and Circadian Wellness Coach. Combining advanced training and certifications in Sleep Science, Building Biology, Environmental Health, Spiritual Psychology, and Functional Nutrition, Angie brings a truly unique, holistic, and drug-free approach to help people heal the root cause of their poor sleep so they can finally get the rest they crave. Don’t accept poor sleep, night after night, as the sacrifice for a successful career, the consequence of having a family, or as part of getting older. Angie can help you transform restless nights into well-rested mornings. Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Angie today to start sleeping better.

Cindy Brown, Right Now is Your Tomorrow

Cindy Brown is the parent’s secret weapon to raising empowered and confident children. An educator with over 30 + years of experience, she is now a family mindset strategist who provides parents with the resources, and tools to navigate raising independent and fulfilled children using her proprietary GAME of Life methodology. Strategies We Will Develop: Grit: Strong problem solving strategies Attitude: Ability to embrace mistakes & setbacks through curiosity & confidence Mindset: Coping skills Emotion: Open & authentic emotional conversations

Samantha Nivens, Samantha Nivens Coaching

Health & Weight Loss Coach – Samantha is REDEFINING weight loss!

Get into massive action, lose 10lbs in 12 weeks & establish healthy sustainable lifestyle habits so you can keep losing or maintain your results for life. Never feel deprived again of any foods, you can have pizza & wine. You don’t have to workout 60 minutes for 6 days a week, we find exercise you enjoy & that fits your life. Learn to love your body & how badass you are. Be FREE from thinking about food, your weight, this goal to lose weight FOR GOOD. Book a free Discovery call to learn more!

Gemma Rayne Fountain, Fountain Health Coaching Services

Calling all busy women who are SO OVER the fad diet roller coaster and fitness trends that just don’t seem to work. You’re ready to get to the HEART of why you can’t seem to get results.

If you would love to: Love the body and woman you see in the mirror every single day; Enjoy movement; Find joy in healthy eating – then we need to connect. I offer group and private health coaching programs that help women overcome the mental blocks to wellness success and fit health habits into the cracks of their busy lives. Free consultations available.

Dr. Susan Lovelle, Premiere Wellness

Busy professionals and businesswomen often rely on caffeine or willpower to push through their day then wonder why they struggle with fatigue or excess weight. When they try cookie-cutter remedies that work for others, they get frustrated because they don’t work for them. At Premiere Wellness, we design customized holistic solutions for energy, weight, and hormones. Now you’re no longer surviving, you’re thriving.

Lisa Folden, Healthy Phit Physical Therapy and Wellness Consultants

Lisa Folden

“Healthy Made Easy: The Ultimate Wellness Guide for Busy Moms” is your simple go-to for all things health, fitness & wellness. With tips for meal prep, social eating and exercise amidst a super busy lifestyle, you’ll find yourself referring back to this book for years to come.

Lorraine Miano, Making Menopause Magical

Support and resources for women in all phases of menopause. Book: The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back!

Morgan Shea, Morgan Shea Health & Wellness

Quality care for active lifestyles. Consider us your body aches & pains guru. Services include athletic and physical therapy, massage therapy, cup therapy, dry needling, and other treatment options to individualize your personal healing journey. Virtual care/therapy available upon request.

Chelsie Reed, Dr. Chelsie

Dr. Chelsie provides in-person and online counseling, online courses, and soon much more for mental health specializing in Pain Management and Sex Therapy.


Atoya Hodges, O/X Society

O/X Society is a mind healing app with holistic modalities that will kickstart your strengths and help you identify your life purpose and abilities to improve the quality of your life. We may workout our bodies to look good, but when was the last time you considered a workout for your mind and soul to feel good? Mind Gym is like going to the gym to workout with a personal trainer but instead you workout and heal your mind with an accountability coach!
Here you will be able to have access to: Specialized healing path individualized to each person Group Coaching Sessions Daily Live Meditations and Classes Confidential Chat rooms with support from others with the same healing journey (e.g. depression, sexual trauma, addiction, etc) Mind Healing with Holistic Modalities Monthly and Yearly Membership with different package options that best suits your healing path.