By Erin Daniels, The KNOW Women

KNOW Women is far from short of high-achieving women that are dominating in the Health and Wellness industry. According to Forbes, last year, women made up 65% of all workers in the field. However, this isn’t equally represented in leadership with only about 50% of leadership roles in the health and wellness industry being held by women. One cause of this may be that “women-led businesses get disproportionately less funding than businesses that have a male colleague at the helm”. Without equal access to the same resources as men, women are often having to put up twice the fight for the same outcome.

Nonetheless, women-owned health and wellness businesses are growing and are continuing to skyrocket. With women addressing issues not before spoken about and fighting for more accessibility and community in their industry, they are redefining health and wellness for the better.

This October, we want to recognize and acknowledge the women dominating throughout this large industry. From holistic spiritual healers to physical therapists, and more, we are shining a light on women-owned health and wellness brands and businesses to KNOW and support now and always. 


Dr. Tiffany Mullen, Vytal Health

Resilient, compassionate physician, lifelong patient, mother of three, and champion of health and wellness. Tiffany is an avid exerciser, musician, lover of books, and expert smoothie maker. She is the Founder of Vital Health, a transactional health care environment that offers an alternative: personalized integrative & functional medicine care on-line. Expert doctors from across the country solve your health issues at the root cause, bringing symptom relief and restoring well-being.

Theresa Backes, Backes Wellness

Theresa Backes, a former Senior C- Suite Fashion executive is now a Wellness and Nutrition Counselor. She completed her certification at Cornell University and NASM. Her company, Backes Wellness, is your partner in reversing a lifetime of poor eating and fitness habits. Theresa helps her clients to rediscover real food for lasting results.

Rosy Crumpton, Sophrosyne Wellness

Rosy Crumpton, Founder of Sophrosyne Wellness, has been in the Behavioral Health industry since 2005. Her goal is to you meet wellness goals by providing structure, support, and accountability through behavior change. Sophrosyne Wellness empowers people to take control over their wellness and improve their quality of life through accessible and personalized health and wellness coaching. 

Gemma is a Health Coach, Exercise Physiologist, and Mom who coaches from the heart while having the tough conversations, but doing it with a touch of laughter to help you level up faster. She has been in the industry for over 24 years and offers a “Healthy Me: A 21- Day Transformation” program to help you feel more confident. She is calling women who are ready to ditch the feelings of guilt and failure and embrace health with joy AND get lasting results.

Ceci Pierola is an energy and sound healer that helps others awaken, heal, and love again. Before energy work and healing came into her life, Ceci traveled the world working in international marketing. Originally from Argentina, she got certified as a Spiritual Counselor and a Metaphysician Practitioner and Healer from Delphi University of Spiritual Studies. Some of her practices include Crystal Healing, Distance Healing, Sound & Color, Past Life Regressions, Lotus & Trance Healing in one-on-one sessions. She hosts regular sound baths journeys, events, and sound & energy healing trainings in Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Chelsie Reed, Dr. Chelsie Reed, PLLC

Dr. Chelsie is an accomplished speaker, author, advocate, and mental health counselor who increases the quality of life via online courses and counseling in-person or online. She is a NYC Big Book Award Winner for her book Sexpert: Desire, Passion, Intimacy, Sensuality, and Orgasm for Your Best Sex Life and an accomplished Pain Management and Sex Therapy Counselor.

Ashley is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over fifteen years of experience providing therapy. She has spent the last eight years of her career in clinical and administrative leadership, but she felt a calling to return to direct service in response to the current mental health crisis. Ashley opened her own practice this year and provides virtual therapy for adults with a variety of presenting issues including anxiety, life transitions, and relationship issues with a specialization in body image and disordered eating. Next Steps Counseling and Consulting, PLLC is a virtual therapy practice serving residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Illinois. Their mission is to help clients achieve real and sustainable change so that they can live their lives without limitations.

Dr. Lisa Folden is a licensed physical therapist, NASM-certified health coach, and owner of Healthy Phit Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants. Healthy Phit is a privately owned practice providing weight-inclusive care, eating disorder recovery and anti-diet health, wellness and body image coaching. Dr. Lisa focuses on weight-inclusive care and anti-diet wellness coaching for women.

Dr. Crystal Maxwell, LIGHT Family Wellness

Dr. Maxwell is the Founder and CEO of LIGHT Family Wellness, the first direct primary care practice in Indian Land, SC. She completed her Medical Doctorate and Residency at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Maxwell is also a proud wife and mom.

Kristina Madden, Madden Therapy Solutions

Kristina is a speech-language pathologist and certified lactation counselor with 15 years of experience in her field, well regarded as one of the leaders in pediatric therapy in Tampa Bay. MTS was born out of a desire to provide superior and customized pediatric care. It has 11 incredible therapists providing speech, feeding, and occupational therapy, lactation counseling, and pediatric sleep consulting.

Rachel Ricks hails from Tallahassee FL-Go Seminoles! She is the founder of Fit Foodies Meal Prep and a graduate of UCF. She resides in Tampa and also owns an Orangetheory Fitness Studio. At Fit Foodies, they curate healthy ingredients to create wholesome food that advocates wellness. Enjoy their flavors of fitness with chef-crafted meals to fit any lifestyle.