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Congratulations on being selected for consideration and an interview for WOMEN TO KNOW IN FLORIDA, a recognition powered by KNOW Women. This prestigious honor will celebrate and recognize women from across Florida for their hard work and achievements, specifically related to leadership and service to empowering and lifting women. 


The interview will last approximately 20 minutes. During this time,  up to three members of the selection committee will review your eligibility for this state-wide recognition and interview you based on your leadership and service.

Please do not miss or arrive late to your interview. We are processing hundreds of nominations and working hard to interview our top applicants.  

We will open the interview with a quick overview of KNOW, share our mission and details on the award. 

You be given 2 minutes to introduce yourself. Please prepare in advance. Time will be limited. We will then proceed to the interview portion, which will include 5 questions to get to know you better. 

The interview will conclude and you’ll receive a decision via email.

You must be interviewed to proceed to the next step in consideration.



Selection Criteria

Women to KNOW in Florida is our highest state-wide honor. It is a once in a lifetime honor. We select the winners based on give back, community impact, career achievements, and a greater mission for supporting women.


Women to KNOW in Florida Honoree Dinner & Gala

If you are selected as an honoree, you will be invited to walk the stage in Tampa on October 6, 2024. 

**The celebration is a modern day twist on a gala…with all the things we love (gowns, shimmer, photos, musica, bites & bar) but without the things we hate (long and boring programming and stiff company) 


The Women to KNOW in Florida recognition process includes an application review, a panel interview, and committee selection. All nominees are evaluated based on background, career accomplishments, and give back initiative. *This award is not revenue based.

schedule your Women to KNOW in Florida interview to move forward in the selection process

schedule your Women to KNOW in Florida interview to move forward in the selection process

If you no longer wish to be considered for this state-wide recognition or are unable to attend the Award Gala in Tampa on October 6, 2024

please EMAIL US immediately so that we can move on to the next in line.