Women in Finance to KNOW and Support

While women have made significant strides in the financial industry in recent years, leading them to hold over 50 % of entry-level positions, there is still a lot of growth to be made as the majority of C-Suite employees are men. In the top 107 largest US public financial institutions, only six of those are women.

Many factors play a part in the underrepresentation of women in finance. Compared to their male counterparts, women are less likely to be promoted to leadership positions in finance, are more likely to face bias, and have fewer mentors to look up to in the industry for representation.

Nonetheless, the number of women is continuously increasing as determined and ambitious females are breaking glass ceilings and  mentoring the next generation of female leaders in finance. KNOW is proud of our women dominating in this male-dominated industry. Here are a few of our women in finance to KNOW, support, and do business with.

Lynne Kimmich

Lynne Kimmich | Alliance Financial Group

As a trusted Financial Representative, my purpose and drive is clear: to provide women with the financial guidance and strategies to live a life of abundance. My overarching mission is to not only empower young girls and women with financial independence but to ensure they have a true foundation of financial literacy. Today, I am the director of Girls Going Places Fort Myers, which focuses on enterprising and community-minded women between 12-18 years of age. I discovered my passion for helping clients become more informed and empowered investors. Working from that foundation, I have expanded my outreach and continue to educate women of all ages.

Lynne Kimmich

Ruth Barrios | Veritas Financial Group

I collaborate with my clients to help build a plan defined by their goals. I am committed to providing advice unique to each client’s situation; that is clear, relevant, and actionable. I work hard to find my clients the right solutions and strategies. I have been assisting my clients for 18 years in the areas of Wealth management, Investing, Portfolio analysis, Insurance Services, And more. At Veritas Financial Group our modern approach to wealth management – one that is all about transparency, value, and helping you take ownership of your finances.

Lynne Kimmich

Sarah Young | Young + Co

Sarah Young is the host of the Profit and Prosper podcast and founder of Young + Co, a Virtual CFO agency that helps business owners find financial peace and generate freedom and wealth. After finding that working with small business owners was far more fulfilling than working for large companies, Sarah committed herself and her business to helping business owners be more wealthy AND well. When she’s not helping clients maximize their profit to create more confidence and stability in their businesses, you can likely find her hanging with her son and husband.

Lynne Kimmich

Sandy Petty | Executive Financial Partners

As the CEO and Founder of Executive Financial Partners, Sandy enables women-owned creative businesses to save money, grow their business, and effectively plan for the future. Sandy brings her expertise of combining technology and her vast experience across global industries, finance and audit to her clients. As a trusted advisor to company presidents, especially those in highly regulated industries, she has managed their risk and audit functions and liabilities. Sandy is known for her ability to build financial infrastructures and high performing teams that yielded audits without any proposed adjustments as well as improving productivity and reducing payroll costs. Her many successes include impacting a company’s bottom line favorably by $500K. 

Lynne Kimmich

Carolina Aponte | Caja Holdings LLC

Carolina Aponte is the founder of CAJA Holdings, LLC an Accounting and Fractional CFO firm in Charlotte, NC. Her business provides services to multi-million-dollar companies, diverse small businesses and Non-profit organizations. She graduated from Florida’s Nova Southeastern University. She holds a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Entrepreneurship certificate among other professional certifications. She is the author of ‘Pave Your Own Way: Thirteen Skills To Create Your Professional Success’. Carolina is the recipient of several awards including the 2021 Enterprising Woman Award and the 2021 NAWBO Charlotte Woman Business Owner of the Year.

Lynne Kimmich

Kristina Rodriguez | Invst /KARR Solutions

During my 20-plus years of experience in finance and business, I have realized that money isn’t just logic and math. There is an emotional side of money as well. To be successful, happy, and fulfilled one must embody the 3 pillars. Your Mindset, Your Energy, and Your Plan. I am here to help you with all 3 pillars. Mindset: how you think about money Energy: Your deeper attachments when it comes to money Plan: How you put your money to work for you. I look forward to walking alongside you on this ever-changing journey. We will navigate this together with continual learning, growing, and creating a more abundant life that you are excited to live.

Lynne Kimmich

Caroline Tanis CDFA® MBA | Tanis Financial Group

Caroline Tanis CDFA®️️️ MBA is a Financial Advisor & Strategist, & Speaker that specializes in helping highly ambitious women and their families build a financial plan for their dream life. By taking a holistic approach to financial planning she is able to help clients identify their goals and build a financial plan to help them achieve their dreams. In order to do this she uses investment, retirement, education, tax, and trust, and estate planning tools. She is a New Jersey resident, avid traveler, and proud dog mom to a dachshund named Chester.

Lynne Kimmich

Liz Brewer | The Brewer Real Estate Team

Liz Brewer began her mortgage lending career in 1986. Over the past 36 years, Liz was promoted to Loan Processor, then Loan Officer in 1993 and has worked for a variety of banks. Liz held the title of Sr Vice President before opening her own mortgage company in 2005. Liz enjoys providing her clients with a full service experience and obtained her real estate license in 2015. She created her signature training program, Realtor Up & Running to help new agents seeking real estate and mortgage lending training.

Lynne Kimmich

Emily Cranton | Saguaro Capital Management

Emily Cranton is a Co-Founder and the Director of Operations for Saguaro Capital Management, a hedge fund in Chandler, Arizona. Prior to helping launch Saguaro, Emily was a Project Manager at the Indiana Finance Authority in the Water Resources and Infrastructure division. Emily has both a Masters in Public Affairs with a focus on Nonprofit Management, and a Masters in Environmental Science with a focus on Water Resources from Indiana University. She also has a BS in Biological Sciences from Samford University. She is passionate about nonprofit work and being involved within her community. In her free time, she enjoys Pilates, road trips with her husband, and days spent at the lake.

Lynne Kimmich

Alison Stine | Stine Wealth Management

Alison Stine is the Founder of Stine Wealth Management. She is a Financial Advisor and Retirement Income Certified Professional®. For the past 10 years, Alison has helped her clients create investment and retirement plans to help them reach their financial goals. She takes a customized, thorough, and empathetic approach. Alison enjoys working with her clients year after year, reviewing and adjusting their plans as needed. Alison is a wife, dog mom, and very involved in her community. She was named a 2022 Most Admired Leader by the Phoenix Business Journal for her work in the community and within her company.

Lynne Kimmich

Kristin Delfau | Her Money Solutions

Kristin Delfau, EA has been in the tax and financial services industries since 2004 and opened her own tax and insurance practice in 2009. Based in Sarasota, FL, she is a tax professional and financial mentor who is on a mission to teach women solopreneurs step-by-step, shame-free solutions to the bigger money questions like taxes, insurance, and investing in plain English. Through her step-by-step actionable consulting and programs, her goal is to empower women…who then find that they actually (gasp!) start liking tax planning.