Jen Kinal

Welcome Bernadette Pello, our new KNOW Tampa Bay Market Manager!

President Livingstone Schools, Inc. – private schools for students with learning disabilities. I co-own Pasta Monsta Food Truck and I am very active in community issues.


We asked Bernadette to share FIVE fun facts in order to get to KNOW her better:
1. She loves to cook and bake, especially with her family.
2. To get rid of the stress of the day, she sits with her two dogs then she loves to go out back and watch and feed the wild life (she backs up to a preserve).
3. She has an excessive number of potted plants. (vegetables, citrus, spices) So many that she had to add more pavers in their back yard.
4. She has always been afraid of swimming underwater. She had a goal to learn by the time she was 55 and she did it by googling tips on how to blow out underwater! Her husband recorded me so she could send it to her friends and family. It was like she was 5 years old.
5. She loves scratch offs! She has never won more than $100 on a single ticket but she love scratching them off and is always hopeful!
We also asked Bernadette to share what LIFT + RISE means to her…

I love that the KNOW mantra is “Lift and Rise”. To me, it is a reminder that women should be each others biggest supporters and biggest fans. Women coming together to create, collaborate and working to build better community, should be the norm. We should want other women to succeed and grow without feeling envy or negative. The more women that succeed now, the more women will succeed in the future.”

Why are you excited to join the KNOW Women team?

I am so excited to join the KNOW Women Team because I have had a great experience. Even with Covid. I have been able to attend great classes and have met women that I would not have had to chance to meet if not for KNOW. I am hoping to help other women make those same type of connections.”




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