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KNOW Women Welcomes New Raleigh Territory Owner, Michelle Holmes

Michelle is a dynamic new business owner who is on a mission to empower women-led small to midsize businesses to achieve sustainable success. As the founder of Flourish and Thriving Solutions, Michelle leads and partners to provide a comprehensive operational excellence framework that enables businesses to not only pivot but thrive and scale, resulting in long-term profitability and impact.

With her personalized approach, Michelle ensures that each of her clients receives tailored solutions that address their unique needs. Drawing on over 19 years in customer service and 13 years of Operations and Customer Service Management experience, she is a recognized expert in initiating projects and programs that boost productivity and efficiency while enhancing the customer experience and the bottom line.

Michelle’s impressive track record speaks for itself. Having successfully navigated 5 acquisitions, 5 divestitures, and 2 mergers with 5 different CEOs and diverse strategies, she is a seasoned corporate change agent. Her expertise has been instrumental in helping winning teams close deals, even amidst uncertainty.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Michelle is also a true inspiration to those around her. Her passion for empowering others to achieve their full potential has made her a trusted mentor and motivator. Whether she is helping her clients achieve their dreams or making an impact in her community, Michelle’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. With her unstoppable drive and proven expertise, Michelle is poised to make an even greater impact in the years to come.

Michelle resides in North Carolina with her husband and 5 kids. No pets as there’s no room in the car.  Michelle enjoys hiking, reading, and trying new coffee spots.

We asked Michelle for five facts to get to KNOW her better:

1. In honor of her beloved sister, who believed that every passion should make a positive impact on others, Michelle created a powerful community-giving event that has touched the lives of thousands. Hosted once a year for the last four years, through her partnership with couponers across four states, Michelle has spearheaded the creation of “Blessings in a Basket” – a heartfelt initiative that provides much-needed items to widows, single mothers, and families in need.
2. She believes one of the best jobs in any company is a role in customer service. 
3. Michelle is a true southern girl at heart, born and raised in Mississippi, who still says ma’am and sir out of respect because she believes her mother is listening even when doing business deals.
4. The craziest contest she entered and won was a screaming contest in middle school.
5. A church planter.

When we asked Michelle what excites her most about KNOW Raleigh, she told us:

I am excited about this endeavor and what it can and will offer. I believe that connections, friendships, and visibility are crucial for success in leadership & entrepreneurship. I want to use this opportunity to create a supportive community of like-minded women who can help each other achieve their goals. As women, we may face unique challenges in business, but by coming together, we can overcome these obstacles and positively impact the business world. I believe that there are many great women out there who are doing amazing things, and I want to help other women find and connect with them. By amplifying each other’s voices and sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can create a network that is empowering and supportive – no golf course is needed. Overall, I look forward to forging meaningful connections, connecting with other successful women, and making a positive impact in the business world. That’s why it’s good to be in the KNOW.

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