Author of The Inside Job

We asked Sasha to share FIVE fun facts in order to get to KNOW her better:

I sing Opera in six languages

I am a huge Harry Potter nerd

I am a coffee addict

My heart lives in Maui

I am walking dad joke

More About Sasha…

Sasha Stair, known as the spiritual warrior leader, has a passion for helping people and companies grow through conscious and transformational leadership. With significant experience facilitating business transformation, from conception to execution, she brings emotionally intelligent leadership across people, process and technology, to deliver results and drive innovation.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Sasha is an engaging public speaker on topics ranging from leadership, to women’s issues, to the importance of confidence and communication skills in business. Her unwavering commitment to fostering healthy relationships, both in the home and in the workplace, has drawn her to a number of volunteer roles with womens’ and social justice organizations including with her alma mater San Diego State University’s FratMANners and SISSTER programs.

Sasha is currently an executive in the financial services industry. She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Matt, and their daughter, Taylor.

Why are you excited to join the KNOW Women team?

“I am most excited about helping more ambitious women feel like they have a home where they can play big and win big. We all need a supportive community cheering us on as we make a positive impact on the world and I can’t wait to expand our community here in Phoenix!

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