Nowadays entrepreneurship is extraordinarily popular! In 2019 there were 774, 725 new businesses created in the USA! With so many new businesses continually being formed, it got us thinking – what makes a successful female entrepreneur? Women are continually going after opportunities, changing industries, and succeeding with their businesses. So, we compiled a list of the top 5 traits of successful female entrepreneurs, so that you could find inspiration to go for your business goals!

They are collaborative.

Women possess better empathy and collaboration skills, making them far better at working in a team, and as leaders – because they see people, as people. Successful companies are built on collaborative effort – if you can’t delegate, your team won’t be able to grow effectively. Women also will tend to listen more, and pick up on non-verbal cues, meaning that if there is any upset within the business or their office space, it’s easier to be picked up on. This is because we have higher empathy levels. With empathy being one of the main factors in a woman’s decision making, it’s clear here that women business leaders treat their employees differently, and that means less dictatorship and more collaboration within the team.

They ask for help.

Ever get stuck on a question, and were too afraid to ask for help? Don’t be. In comparison to men, women are far more likely to ask for advice when in business – this leads to not only more knowledge, but also a bigger chance of risk-taking. Risks in business are scary, but sometimes necessary. Asking for help shouldn’t seem like a negative or a weakness – sometimes, another person will just know more about a topic than you do. Asking for help will save you time, effort, and even potentially money. Successful female entrepreneurs surround themselves with mentors, and other females that spark that creativity, encourage learning and offer advice.

They are ambitious.

We’ve had a glass ceiling placed over our heads for far too long, and we are making change. Successful female entrepreneurs are ambitious. For years, women have been stifled and encouraged to take an easier, less risky route. However, as society changes, industry changes, and business changes, women are taking risks and going for their goals. It’s not enough to simply be ambitious though – successful female entrepreneurs see their goal and work tirelessly towards them. So, you have to ask yourself – are you ready to put in the work to reach your goal?

They persevere.

We deal with unfair pay, double standards, and sexism in the workplace every single day. And we persevere through it all. Successful female entrepreneurs often have a stronger desire to succeed, because they want to be ahead of the common struggles associated with being an employee in the workplace.

They know when to delegate.

Sometimes, someone will be better at a task than you. They will have more skills, better knowledge or understanding in an area that’s too complex to simply teach. That’s when you delegate. Successful female entrepreneurs understand that to reach their ambitions and thrive in business, they have to spread out the workload, and understand that someone will be better in an area than them.

Women in business are taking new strides, and it is exciting. We hope this blog inspires you to take the lead in your business and strive to be a hugely successful female entrepreneur!