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The Multifaceted Journey of Carol: Strength, Resilience, and the Power of Community

by Myra Stacey

Have you ever met someone who’s a real-life wonder woman? You know, the kind who juggles multiple roles—entrepreneur, mother, community leader—and makes it all look deceptively easy? Meet Carol Gavhane: a dynamo who’s traveled a path of empowerment and resilience, all while building a downright enviable community. Get ready, folks. This is a story for the books!

Carol wasn’t born in a vacuum. Her upbringing in Southern California was a cradle of resilience, shaped by a matriarchy composed of her mother, grandmother, and sister. Her family relied heavily on each other, forming a unit that defied hardships and was her first classroom for resilience. Eventually, Carol’s journey led her from her SoCal roots to San Francisco and finally to Washington State, but the teachings of her formative years would remain her cornerstone.

Below is a picture of Carol’s Mother and Grandmother

Before becoming the “Chief Sparkler” at Sparkle Hustle Grow—a box subscription service that’s a boon for female entrepreneurs—Carol was no stranger to the grind. She founded a jewelry business named Asha Blooms, a moniker that echoes sentiments of hope and vitality in various languages. She had also built up a solid corporate background, racking up invaluable skills in advertising and marketing that would seamlessly integrate into her entrepreneurial endeavors.

So, what was the catalyst that pulled Carol into the sphere of Sparkle Hustle Grow? She described it as a “lean-in moment.” The company’s very essence—empowering female entrepreneurs—spoke to her deeply, both personally and emotionally. She jumped at the chance to synergize with other women, creating a snowball effect that drew from her past experience in product development and corporate culture.

For Carol, the thrill lies in curating monthly themes and choosing books for the subscription box. It manifests her love for literature, which she described as more than a ‘selfish’ joy. Through this process, she nurtures a community that isn’t just about the pages they turn; it’s a hive of mutual growth and collective wisdom encapsulated in their private Facebook group.

Life hasn’t been a bed of roses. Enduring several miscarriages before and after the birth of her two kids, this chapter in her life unfolded as a powerful testament to human resilience. Carol found support and purpose in her involvement with Resolve—an organization advocating for fertility and infertility rights, further enhancing her sense of community and resolve.


Carol in DC with the Washington state Resolve team with Senator Maria Cantwell

Carol’s life philosophy has been indelibly marked by her mom’s grit and optimism. Far more than a maternal figure, her mother is a living blueprint for transforming adversity into opportunity. Through her uncanny ability to reframe life’s hardships as serendipitous events that pave the way for personal growth, she has instilled in Carol a transformative philosophy that regards challenges not as setbacks but as stepping stones toward a richer, more meaningful existence. This deeply rooted perspective, nurtured by her mother’s wisdom, has been a driving force in Carol’s approach to life’s complexities and uncertainties.

Juggling career, family, and personal growth is like a circus act, and Carol’s secret weapon? —her digital calendar. Shared with her husband and business partner, it allows them the freedom to zero in on their most significant priorities: nurturing their family and engaging in work that not only pays the bills but also feeds the soul. This highly organized system reflects the couple’s commitment to maximizing their time and energy, making room for what truly matters in a chaotic and ever-demanding world.

As Carol eyes her horizon, she envisions a future anchored in two simple yet profound pillars: ‘ease and community.’ Anchored by what resonates deeply with her—her family, work that fulfills her soul, and an integrated sense of community—she is committed to forging a life marked by deliberate choices and purposeful living. By aligning her goals and actions, she doesn’t just dream of a balanced life; she lays the groundwork for it.

Carol’s life journey is a vivid mosaic of experiences, united by her determination, sense of community, and knack for finding happiness and meaning in life’s most basic delights. Be it her hunger for a great read, the emotional nourishment she gains from her community, or the resilience passed down from generations of strong women. Carol is an embodiment of living with purpose.

So, what’s the takeaway? Carol’s journey tells us that our challenges aren’t stumbling blocks; they’re stepping stones on the path to a richer, more fulfilling life. Isn’t that something?

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