The Dry January Challenge

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It’s interesting to note that giving up alcohol for an entire month is perceived as a “Challenge”. The reason is…it is. Alcohol is woven into the fabric of our lives. We celebrate with it, toast to each other’s good health with it, travel the world to find it and even use it to help us mend a broken heart. But what happens if we decide to stop, even for a month? We worry that stopping, may have us wondering whether we had a problem with it. We might get concerned that we won’t be as much fun at dinners and parties. We miss the good feeling it gives us when we are out with friends. We wonder how we will punctuate the end of a good day without our perfect glass of merlot.

The most important reason to participate in Dry January is to give our bodies a healthy break after the holidays and to jumpstart a healthy 2023. The benefits of avoiding alcohol begin in as little as 3 days. Dry January is a challenge that millions of people participate in, so I decided to host one just for my fellow KNOW Women!

I’ve created a private Facebook group entitled “The Backes Wellness/KNOW Dry January Challenge”. Just search the group and when you find it, just click to ask to join. There is no charge to this challenge. I’ll be posting education, motivation, and recipes throughout the month, including a weekly check-in contest, for a fun prize. I will NOT be posting outside the group about any participants in the group, so have no worries about that.

Deciding to participate in Dry January may feel hard based on your holiday travel schedule, so I have made a minor modification that has us starting on January 2nd. We will end the challenge on January 31st, like for a full 30-day period.

Please consider joining your fellow KNOW women for this challenge! I’d love to have you participate and get to know you better. Click HERE to join the Facebook group!


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More About Theresa

Theresa Backes, a former Senior C- Suite Fashion executive, is now a Wellness and Nutrition Counselor. She completed her certification at Cornell University and NASM. Her company, Backes Wellness, is your partner in reversing a lifetime of poor eating and fitness habits. Theresa helps her clients to rediscover real food for lasting results.

She does personal wellness consulting, online group consulting and challenges, and is now introducing her own brand of sugar-free desserts and low-carbohydrate
meals. Her first cookbook is in development and should be out in 2023!