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Take the Trip: Make time for the important things

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How many times have you had the opportunity to just pack up and go? Did you ever wish you had just taken the trip? When’s the last time you did?

I wanted to just pack up and go. But I didn’t. Maybe you’ve experienced something like this…

It was 2017, there was a solar eclipse coming, I had just stepped into a leadership role and had new leadership coming in above me. I felt an obligation to be at the kickoff meeting, you know the kind I mean. Where you are supposed to be seen, shake the hands, and show your support for the incoming leadership.

I was torn between wanting to go see a rare natural occurrence that was going to be a once in a lifetime trip, and showing up for the big meeting. I placed such importance on the expectation to be there for work that I didn’t show up for myself. Putting everyone else’s needs, priorities, or even perceived requirements, ahead of listening to my inner voice that said to take the trip.

Let’s be real ladies, we place an inordinate amount of pressure on ourselves to meet the requirements others place on us, or that we think they expect from us. As you sit here reading this you may be finding yourself in one of two groups with these thoughts going through your head… the first group, “I know exactly what she’s talking about… remember that time I wanted to ____(fill in the blank) but instead I _____ (fill in the blank again)” or second group, “I’ve been there, it was a hard choice but I chose to take the trip.”

Why did you make the choice you did? Most of the time, if we were in the first group, there’s a specific reason we made that decision. Perceived, or real, the pressure was there to make the “right” or “responsible” choice. On the flip side, if we were in the second group there is also a very specific reason we made that decision. Likely, it’s because we had already experienced something where you had the opportunity to take the trip but didn’t… and regret it.

Now stop, take a deep breath… think through why you made the choice you did. Do you wish you had made a different decision? Let me guess, if you’re in the first group the answer is most likely “Yes” (ask me how I know). If you’re in the second group the answer is most likely “No, I’m so glad I ____”. And here’s why. The more that we live according to the expectations placed on us, by others or ourselves, the more likely we are to be unhappy with the results.

Here’s the takeaway I want you to have, it’s the realization I came to with the choice I made to show up for the meeting, instead of showing up for myself. I made a promise to myself to never again look back at a decision and wish I had stuck to what I KNEW was me showing up for myself. Life is short, don’t let the expectations in life (real or perceived) pressure you into choosing what is expected of you over being true to yourself. Take the trip.

p.s. There was a solar eclipse this year… I took the trip. Connect with me on LinkedIn and Instagram if you wanna see pictures.

Emily Evans

More About Emily

Emily Evans is the founder of Emily Evans Consulting, a successful entrepreneur and an inspirational leader and coach. Emily began building her business in 2011, establishing Emily Evans Consulting in 2019, and then joined forces with The Benefit Doctor in 2021, to better serve her clients. Specializing in assisting business owners with long term strategies and creating a curated benefits experience. Emily is also very involved in the local community where she resides. She is serving as Vice Chair for Gilbert Talks, and in an advisory role for Zeriah Foundation.  Emily’s favorite way to decompress is to get out of the office off-roading, camping, or riding her motorcycle. She drives a 1976 International Harvester Terra/Traveller, and a 2006 Suzuki V-Strom 650 to explore natural wonders across the US. Emily is completely dedicated to building a legacy of community involvement and servant leadership through helping entrepreneurs use benefits as the leverage to propel their businesses forward.