KNOW Sarasota Launching 2020

Photo  by @scentsbykimi

Expanding our Tribe means creating a larger reach of dynamic women to connect and collaborate with. With that being said, we are thrilled to announce our new KNOW Book + Tribe Location: Sarasota, FL! 

Launching 2020, we are beyond excited to meet the women paving the way for more female leaders to rise through their lives and careers. 

Meet our Sarasota Ambassadors: Alene Fowler and Erica Sheley!  

Alene Fowler is a mother, wife, attorney, and pure barista with a passion for connecting and helping others rise. Alene moved to Sarasota in the 90’s where she co-founded Fowler Law Group in 2013. Through her work and community involvement, she has been inspired by many strong, influential women. Her inspiration combined with her passion for connecting and collaborating led her on a search for more. After finding The Know Tribe, she knew it was exactly what Sarasota was missing.  

Jeanne is another true Sarasota woman and is beyond excited to bring KNOW to her hometown. Below is a quote shared by Jeanne!

You will never be deprived when someone else gains because abundance expands proportionally to match your desires. When the success of another woman makes your heart sing, resistance in all forms is obsolete and your own success soars.

So just KNOW, that together when we lift, we all rise.”

The helping hands and other women who believe in our mantra, Lift + Rise, help us acknowledge the ladies who deserve the spotlight. We are so excited to have Alene and Jeanne a part of KNOW linking arms with us to find the Sarasota women you must KNOW and do business with.  

If you KNOW someone you would like to nominate to our Sarasota Tribe, follow the steps below: 

  1. 1. Click here to head to our Sarasota cities page.
  2. 2. Scroll down to click Nominate
  3. 3. Follow the nomination steps!