Lift & Rise: Why Women’s Networking Needs to Change

More than a fun pastime, networking is a crucial way to grow your business. It allows like-minded people to find, mentor, and help to grow your business. In a world where many industries are dominated by men, women-only networking is a necessary evolution that has allowed women to rise up and have a seat at the table.

However, women-only networking needs to change.

Too often to achieve success, women see other women as competition. But why? Because in such a male-dominated business world, women can begin to view each other as direct competition.

While this is understandable, it is simply not true. The truth is, business success is NOT A zero-sum game. When one woman succeeds, she takes us ALL with her. We need to come together.

Within the realms of tech, finance, and business, men lead the discussion way too often.

So why don’t we just network like a man?

Because, according to a study by the Kellogg School of Management, women who network like men, do worse in business.

Women in supportive circles share important bits of information, like career advice, knowledge points, and more.

In fact, 77% of the highest-achieving women in the study had strong ties with an inner circle of two to three other women. To add to this, the research also concluded that women who had a strong inner circle within their business area were three times more likely to get a better job than women who did not have the same support system.

Female companionship has many known benefits, and now, according to this study, it’s clear that it helps in business too.

At KNOW, we intentionally create a networking space that is safe for all women to come and be supported. It is an atmosphere of inclusivity and support, where it’s clear that each woman is there to support one another.

We create a community where female mentorship is at the foundation of what we do. That is why our motto is Lift & Rise.

So next time you go to a networking event, don’t network like a man.

Network like a woman and create a supportive atmosphere you need to succeed.

We can achieve far more TOGETHER than we can in competition.


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