How to Use PR To Amplify Personal Branding 

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People are looking to create connections with other people, and are more likely to trust another human being than trust a business. The traditional B2B marketing strategy is dead and shifting away from being “salesy” or product focused. Instead, as a business owner, you should strategically create a personal brand using PR to establish yourself and your business as a trustworthy thought leader. Not having a personal brand could be the reason why your business or career is taking longer than expected to thrive.

Why is personal branding important?

Personal Branding is the future of business and marketing. People use Google and social media to search for information or answer their questions about life constantly. Developing a personal brand that stands out from your competition can be a fruitful way to build relationships with your target audience. Building your personal brand is essential to creating a successful business online, and, when done correctly, personal branding is highly profitable.

In order to provide value and develop trust with your audience, businesses must understand metrics, optimize their website, and create solid content. Thought leadership is a key strategy to standing out in your industry, because eighty-two percent of all Americans agree that “companies are more influential if their executives have a personal brand that they know and follow.”

One effective personal branding method is creating a thought leadership “persona”.

Business News Daily defines a thought leader as someone who, “based on their expertise and perspective in an industry, offers unique guidance, inspires innovation and influences others.” Establishing yourself as an expert in your field with valuable insight is useful in building relationships with your audience. It’s best to focus on the aspects you know best about your business rather than touching on everything at a surface level.

Thought leadership

  • establishes your personal brand and business as credible.
  • develops your business as a consistent, authentic voice for guidance and advice in your industry, which accelerates the trust professionals and businesses have in you.
  • is a cost-effective way to expand your personal brand.
  • is strengthened by staying current and contributing your specific expertise to the marketplace.

A few other ways to develop your personal brand are through networking, establishing how you can help others succeed, and staying current with new developments in your industry.

To Make Your Mark, Consistency is Key

It takes five to seven impressions for someone to remember a brand. Consistency is key. To be consistent with your brand and messaging, it is crucial to use industry keywords to improve your web SEO. By using public relations properly, you can meet these SEO goals faster.

In general, a marketing strategy is used to influence your audience to make a purchase or use your service. As people become less likely to engage with traditional advertising, personal branding and PR is a proven way to achieve those goals and establish your image as a thought leader in your subject area. Through PR, you are still influencing your audience, but it’s more relatable, approachable, and trustworthy. Your goal is the same, but you are creating valid reasons for your audience to trust you through your expertise.

Thought leader strategies to create authentic trust with your target audience:

  • Develop 1-2 expert areas; go deep rather than broad.
  • Publish articles consistently in those areas.
  • Create speaking opportunities in those industries.
  • Invite media to cover your events.
  • Select media channels and outlets that cater to your target audience.

The Perfect Recipe: PR + a personal branding campaign

What are the steps to creating the perfect personal branding campaign? In the article “5 Reasons Why Public Relations is Important for Every Business,” Insight Success explains that most new businesses fail because the majority of startup companies do not pay attention to public relations, and instead, they keep focusing on brand promotions in an effort to expand their reach. This is a major cause behind their failure. A business remains alive due to its relationship with the public. Strengthening public relations means strengthening the business.

A good PR team creates content based on personal branding as well as industry trends, creating a perfect recipe that establishes authentic trust with the public.

The most successful personal branding includes these items:

  • Positive testimonials about you, your business and employees, and your customers.
    Paid consulting projects
    Paid speaking or training opportunities

PR has many benefits for your business. In addition to using your own digital channels with strong SEO to create positive PR, a good PR team will use national and international channels to get your personal brand noticed. Consistent branding and messaging through your website, blog, email campaigns, and social media should also be consistent with your PR.

Think of your entire digital “public” message as your PR.

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