Healthy Morning Habits : A Morning Routine Sets The Tone For Our Whole Day

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How we start our morning has an impact on our mental, emotional, and physical state for the rest of the day. A day started with chaos and confusion will turn into a full day of chaos and confusion.

Even when I was a busy working mother of 2, having to get them ready and off to school, then drive to the train station, park the car, board the train, head into the city, and then walk for 15 minutes to my job, I still managed to keep a morning routine so that I would have a great balanced day. The purpose of a morning routine is to provide time for yourself before you start your day — whether that’s moving your body, reminding yourself what you’re grateful for, or being aware of what you’re feeding your body. All it takes is a little practice, some flexibility, and dedication.

Five things you can do every morning to have a great balanced day.

1. Don’t start your day rushed – Wake up gently and naturally. On the way to the bathroom raise your arms above your head and stretch. After your bathroom routine, spend 5 minutes or less doing some stretches, and deep breathing, to get your body moving.

2. Give yourself enough time to get to work – most of us fall victim of the snooze button which causes the trickle-down effect of panic and rush, resulting in mistakes and forgetfulness.

3. Snooze your smartphone – Scrolling through the news or your social media feed is a passive activity that could detract from the productivity of your morning.

4. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea – use this as meditation for a moment of stillness and quiet. You may not have the extra time to spare in the mornings for yoga or exercise, so this is a good way to wake yourself up and reflect on a few things you’re grateful for.

5. Have a warm breakfast – this does not have to be elaborate and time consuming. (Read my BLOG for a topic on why a warm breakfast is good for you and for some recipes you’ll enjoy).

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Celebrity Chef Renate Moore is a healthy lifestyle consultant whose work is focused on educating that healthy is more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle. She uses her multi-faceted expertise to help people avoid poor eating habits and to create healthy habits. She’s also a woman in business leader and specializes in speaking on how an entrepreneur can build a successful lifestyle business, sharing her real-life experiences. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Renate held careers in Real Estate, Wall Street, and International Education. She has mastered her skills in leadership, problem solving, and innovation. Her strongest suits are patience, resilience, and breaking barriers to create opportunity for other women entrepreneurs.