Faces of KNOW: Sandra Easton

Sandra Easton is an Agent of Blackstone Commercial Real Estate Leasing and 2019 KNOW Calgary Featuree.

Never to shy away from a challenge, Sandra stepped into the Calgary Commercial Real Estate Industry on a dare and has been gaining notoriety ever since.

Sandra got into the Real Estate Industry 14 years ago in Northern Alberta. She did things differently right from the start and was the recipient of numerous Provincial and International awards for production and service.

She is passionate about creating a community for Business Owners and hosts regular events—mostly for women, usually involving some type of delightful self-care.

Sandra works with all types of Tenants in the Retail, Office, Industrial, and Medical Industries, helping make the complicated details of Leasing simple and understandable, all the while bringing her fierce negotiations to the table.

Sandra Easton was just an average kid who started negotiating to get out of household chores. Now, finding creative solutions to complicated issues is her absolute passion in life.


We asked Sandra to share FIVE FUN FACTS about herself in order to get to KNOW her better.

1. Sandra started negotiating at a very young age to get out of household chores.

2. She started in Residential Real Estate, however, she moved directly into Commercial when she was told it was (still) no place for a woman.

3. She loves fast cars and to speed, she has been spotted racing on official NASCAR tracks.

4. To combat Senior loneliness, Sandra got together a group of elder ladies and taught them how to play guitar and host a concert.

5. She loves public speaking and hopes to inspire more women to confidence, independence and success.


To engage with Sandra, you can catch her at:

On her Facebook page, where she hosts a networking pedicure/manicure event every 5 weeks.  Any women in business is invited to attend, sit back, get pampered and get to know a new face in the biz community.

Bonus: It’s a super cool way to write off self-care!

To follow Sandra, you can connect with her on:

Instagram: @yycvip

Facebook: SandraEastonYyc

And LinkedIn: @sandraeaston


Sandra can be found on page 15 of our 2019 KNOW Calgary Book.

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